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Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Semi-Permanent Nails


We all know that semi-permanent manicure lasts longer than the traditional methods that we are used to. Yes, they are a bit pricey but they are definitely worth it. This is why it is considered as the best option for women who want to have beautiful and well-maintained nails but do not have the time to go to the nail salon every week.

Caring For Semi-Permanent Nails

Even though we are promised to have longer-lasting manicure if we go for semi-permanent nails, if we do not know how to care for our semi-permanent nails, it will not last as long as we expect it to be. So to maintain your semi-permanent manicure, here are some tips that can be very helpful.

  • Do Not Use ‘Too Hot’ Water. It is relaxing to have a long shower or bath, but beware when using hot water. According to nail experts, too much exposure to hot water can cause the polish to lift up. Remember that too much of anything is bad and this goes the same with hot water on your semi-permanent nails.
  • Tops semipermanentes
  • Use A Good Quality Top Coat. Those who do their nails at home sometimes think that top coat is not that important. However, if you want to keep your semi-permanent nails longer, get a good quality Tops semipermanentes or semipermanent tops. This can help extend the life of your semi-permanent manicure.
  • Always Push Back Your Cuticle. Even before applying your nail polish, always make sure that you have prepped your nails and taken care of your cuticle. Do not forget to push back your cuticle to make sure that you do not accidentally apply your nail polish on them which can make the product lift up once it dries up. Use cuticle oil when taking care of your cuticle so you do not damage your fingers.
  • Now that you have your semi-permanent manicure on, it doesn’t mean that you should stop moisturizing. With the products on your nails, you need to keep your fingers and hands hydrated. Moisturize daily to make sure that the nails that you manicure hides remain healthy.
  • Nail Oil Can Help. To keep your nails hydrated even with the semi-permanent manicure, it is great to apply nail oil. It hydrates the nails to help avoid chipping and cracking. This is a good addition to your nail care routine.
  • Rubber Gloves For Cleaning. Of course, we really cannot avoid getting our hands to do house chores. Now we know that most of the cleaning products that we use can weaken your semi-permanent manicure. Do not make your manicure as an excuse to avoid doing house chores. You can use rubber gloves to protect your fingernails and your hands while doing so.

Semi-Permanent Manicure, Is It For You?

If you love looking at your manicured hands but do not have the time to go to the nail salon regularly, then you should consider a semi-permanent manicure. This is highly recommended for women who are always on-the-go. Having well-maintained fingernails is a huge reflection of how you take care of yourself as a whole.

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