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Germany is one out of the three strongest economies worldwide growing at a low unemployment rate (7%). For seeking employment in Germany, the Germany job seeker visa is the greatest option. It can be granted in 1-3 months. It is a long-term search permit that allows residency and to search for job in the country for six months and is necessary for searching job in Germany. After the validity period of six months is over, work permit will be granted to you if you are successful in finding a job, otherwise you have to return back to India after the end of granted time. A Germany skilled job seeker visa doesn’t allow onetostart working in Germany immediately but only gives you the freedomto visit the country to seek a job.

Why Germany?

  • Enormous career opportunities in different sectors.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Language used for communication in society and work is English hence there is lesser need of learning German to survive in the country.
  • Need of skilled individual in rapidly growing economy.
  • Presence of best and economical transport facilities.
  • High wages.

Eligibility: Criterions are:

  • Should be graduated and must have an experience of three years or greater.
  • Less than forty-five years in age.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Must have a travel insurance or medical insurance for the entire stay in Germany or until getting Work Permit.

Documents Required:In order to obtain this visa, you need the following documents:

  • Legal passport with a validity of minimum twelve months.
  • Letter of motivation with details about motive of seeking job in the country, plans for getting the job and time required to secure a job.It must also contain backup plans in case of unsuccessful job search in Germany.
  • Verification documents for educational qualifications.
  • CV with academic and employment details.
  • Accommodation proof in Germany.
  • Proof of funds sufficient to afford the stay in Germany.
  • Health and medical insurance.
  • Referral Letter
  • Personal status proof in India.


  • Total expenditure=  54,320INR + 15% service tax
  • Duration=one year Validity (six month stay)

Processing time

Three to four weeks.

Step Involved:

  • Step 1-Consultation & Legal fees 30,000+ 15% taxes
  • Step 2-Documentation Checklist.
  • Step 3- Fixing of appointment for Embassy. You need to go to Embassy carrying necessary documents.
  • Step 4- Document Verification- 20,000INR
  • Step 5- Receiving of Embassy Reference Number
  • Step 5- Visa Fees of around 60 EUR (4320INR)
  • Step 6 -Embassy Interview (conditions apply)
  • Step 7- Stamping of Visa (within ten working Days)

Advantages of Job Seeker Visa-

  • No earlier offer letter needed to apply for the visa
  • Permit to stay in Germany for searching a job
  • It gives 6 months to discover an occupation in desired field
  • Can provide Permanent Residency in future.
  • No tests such as IELTS required.
  • Free education offered for children.
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