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The Required Steps To Bring Forth Digital Accessibility


How about making the world an inclusive place? Think about it! We are not talking about the untouchables or eradicating poverty. We are talking about making technology inclusive! What if a visually challenged individual could use technology without any hassles? Even our parents and grandparents have issues with reading words from the screen. The bright colors and light hurts their eyes! It is possible that the words are not typed in the right font size.

Here’s what digital accessibility does – it makes technology inclusive.

Let us talk about the steps that bring forth digital accessibility for all. This will help developers from all over the world to embrace change and make apps and websites tech-friendly for all.

The Steps Towards Positive Change

  1. Think of Digital Accessibility AT ALL TIMES

Digital accessibility should be on your mind at all times. Whenever you are working on a project, sit down and think about it. Is it going to be user-friendly for everyone? It will help you save a lot of bucks and time to think about the whole process. Think of a design, layout and colors that would be suitable for the eyesight of the visually challenged individuals.

  1. Use simple language

Digital accessibility is not just for all the visually impaired individuals. The language should be simple enough for kids to understand. When you make language simple on your website/app, more number of people would be compelled to use it. There are people, who are not as literate and they feel excluded in the whole process. Simplify language and make it accessible to all.

  1. The Right Color Contrast

When people have low vision, they do not want to see certain colors. It could hurt their eyes and it is possible, they are not able to read properly. Use a good color contrast so that it is easier for people to read the content. When a group of digital developers sit down to create a mobile application or a website, they must make it user-friendly and something which is accessible to all. Group A may consist of individuals with perfect vision. However, there are some people who do not have the strongest eyesight or have severe vision impairments.

  1. Using subtitles

Sometimes you need quick information! There are people who cannot hear. What about them? Use subtitles in your video so that the hearing impaired individuals can understand what you are saying. If there is a language barrier, one can translate the dialogues and use English subtitles. This could really help in bridging the gap!

Takeaway Advice

These were some of the changes that you must embrace. Digital accessibility is legit and everyone should bring about the necessary changes. If some section of the society is not able to use technology due to language barrier or low literacy level, then the gap is becoming wider. We need to think of digital accessibility as a change that needs to be incorporated every single day of our lives.

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