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Save Your Feet with Custom Made Insoles Singapore


Insoles are designed to protect your feet from injury while wearing shoes. Insoles provide cushioning and support for your feet and have been around for hundreds of years. There are many types of insoles, including orthotics. Your foot’s shape is used to manufacture the orthotics.  When these molds are made, they can create custom made insoles singapore that support your feet and help them heal properly.

How to choose the right insoles?

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe, try to find insoles that will fit well under your arch and check how long they will last. Your best bet would be a pair of socks that you can wear inside your shoes, giving you extra padding and comfort. If you are going to get insoles, ensure they have a good quality sole. You want something that will hold up over time and not fall apart. Look at the bottom of the insole and see if any stitching or glue is holding it together. Make sure it won’t peel off or start falling apart before putting them on your feet.

custom made insoles singapore

Types of Insoles

  1. Custom-Made Insoles

The custom-made insoles are designed according to your foot size, arch type, and weight. They provide a comfortable fit while maintaining the natural shape of your feet. The insoles are made using high-quality materials and offer excellent cushioning. These insoles give you a great deal of comfort while being extremely durable.

  1. Nonslip Sole

The anti-slip sole provides traction without any slipping. You do not have to worry about falling, even barefoot. The anti-slip sole is designed to create a firm grip on almost any surface to ensure you get the best traction. This makes it ideal for both indoors and out. Also, these soles provide extra protection against abrasion and cuts.

What do I need?

To create a custom molded insole, you will need a mold of your foot and some material (usually plastic) to cover the top of the mold. Once you have that, follow the instructions for the particular product you purchased. If you don’t know where to get a mold, you could always ask someone who does!

How much should I pay?

There is no set price for making a mold. Depending on the size of your foot and what type of insole you are looking for, you may spend anywhere between $30-50 dollars for a single mold. To create a mold of two people takes about half the amount of money.

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