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Cannabis and Brain Cancer: The Truth Revealed!


Is there really a way to treat brain cancer? Let alone a cannabis medicinal plant?

Cancer has killed millions of people in the world. The brightest individuals of our society have tried all the best to find the very that could cure or even just help cancer.  For many years, we humans use the most advanced technologies and costly state-of-the-art facilities just to treat cancer.

There is hope though.  We believe!

Advances in the field of medical research are making headway towards the treatment of cancers, especially brain cancer.  And today, medical cannabis treatment or marijuana is the drug being eyed for helping treat cancer.  Ironically they have been finding that the drug originally used to just make you high is the one being hoped to bring brain cancer down to its knees.

Cannabis and brain cancer.  Let’s talk about how this combination may work out for you so that you can prepare to order weed online.

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Medical Cannabis Treatment for Brain Cancer

In today’s world, It is not an easy process to get access to medical cannabis or marijuana. That is a sad fact, although the drug has been legalized for medicinal or personal use in some US states.

Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug which means it is either deemed as having no accepted medical treatment use or there is a lack of accepted safety for its use. The resulting controls placed on drugs within this category makes scientific research into their medical or therapeutic uses virtually impossible.

However, overwhelming pieces of evidence point out the merits of using medical cannabis for the treatment of brain cancer.  Thanks to cannawholesalers.ca, the necessary financial resources were secured to start a trial treatment and one can definitely order weed online.

How Cannabis Works with Brain Cancer

There is a common type of brain cancer, gliomas, which accounts for around 45% of total brain cancer cases.

Surgical removal is exceedingly difficult, and often bits of the tumor remains, despite a surgeon’s best efforts, because they tend to grow into normal brain tissue.  This fact enables this type of cancer to return or spread into other parts of the body. Click this to understand more about the cannabis effect in brain.

Since the brain is quite inaccessible to many therapeutic agents, thanks to its protective blood-brain barrier (BBB), it only leads to gliomas being hard to treat.

Marijuana also is known as Cannabis can cross this BBB by mimicking natural substances produced by our body, the endocannabinoids.  This substance sticks to and activates so-called cannabinoid receptors.

These cannabinoids seem to cause cells that drive glioma progression and recurrence (called glioma-initiating cells) to self-destruct in the lab.  This process is also known as apoptosis.

This means cannabis could enhance the body’s ability to get rid of cancer.  Research also demonstrates it could reduce tumors’ ability to make new blood vessels and receive nutrients.

And this fact is the underlying premise of the medical trial.

How Will Results Affect Medical Cannabis Treatment Future?

As mentioned earlier in this blog post, cannabis is labeled as a Schedule 1 drug.

Because of this, federal laws are not allowing research to be undertaken with medical cannabis treatment.  These same laws affected the practicality of having these medical trials be staged.

However, chances are there would be amendments to these laws if this trial is successful in more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana.

Casting this judicial matter aside, this same trial could bring us closer to a substantial body of evidence surrounding cannabis and cancer.

The knowledge gained here will be merged with other studies that have been undertaken on this subject matter.  These learnings will plot the subsequent steps needed to happen next. What are you waiting for? Order weed online now!

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