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15 Things you didn’t know about a woman’s purse


According to the RAE, a bag is “a generally small handbag, made of leather, cloth or other materials, provided with a closure and frequently with a handle, used especially by women to carry money, documents, objects for personal use, etc.” (In etc. is the key). At lil stock we go further and tell you 20 things you should know about the accessory in question:

  1. You will not get rid of holding her bag if you spend more than two hours with her.
  2. One of the main functions of the feminine bag is to carry food or drink hidden when you go to the movies.
  3. The second function is to keep everything that does not fit in your pockets prada wallet.
  4. Another primary function is to lose things.
  5. Schrödinger’s cat may be missing or it may be lost in a woman’s purse.
  6. The Guinness record for finding a mobile phone in a handbag in less time is held by Susan Taylor, from the town of Sunrise Manor, Nevada. She hit the staggering 5 minute 4 second mark. “I had been training myself for years. I dedicate the award to my coach, family and friends”, he assured at the end of the test.
  7. Years later her record was withdrawn for doping.
  8. Not all bags are the same, even though they may look like it. There are winter and summer bags. There are also several modalities according to their capacity: handbag, tote bag, shoulder bag, clutch, shopper bag, or Johann Sebastian Bag.woman's bag
  9. There will never be enough bags.
  10. Everything comes out of a woman’s bag, like when you use ID number 14 or when you turn over your computer keyboard: makeup, mobile, keys, sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens liquid, notebook, pen, band-aids, lighter , medicines, a flash drive, hairpins, a farm in a DJ, Montoro or a CIA agent. But above all there will be three things: a tampon out of its packaging, a tissue out of its package and many tickets.
  11. Beyond the visible surface of the bag, in that place known as the “bag lining”, some explorers have found ancient catacombs flooded with oil and the Holy Grail.
  12. The momentary separation of the bag will cause a feeling of constant loss in the owner. It occurs when you have to put it in the suitcase to fly with low-cost airlines, or when it is left in the closet. Sooner or later she will ask in alarm: “And the bag? Where have I left my bag? MY BAG HAVE BEEN STOLEN!! Ah, which is in the suitcase”.
  13. An investigation by Initial Washroom Hygiene revealed that the surface of bags is an ideal place for germs of all kinds to settle (real investigation). Especially in that of Paris Hilton or anyone who carries their dog in their purse.
  14. Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, and Adam G. Riess won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering that the universe is expanding rapidly through distant supernovae and a woman’s purse.
  15. Doraemon’s futuristic pocket is inspired by a woman’s bag.
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