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Shared Ownership: Tips For Getting The Best Possible Deal


Shared ownership has become quite the rage in the past few years. These have allowed people who cannot financially afford to buy a house right now to eventually secure a home for themselves. Shared ownership is operated under a set of requirements that must be fulfilled. In this way, you can easily buy some shares in a property while paying money as rent for the rest.

As the market for shared ownership flourishes, it is important that you obtain the best deal. Knowing in-depth about certain things will definitely help you in getting the most perfect deal. You can take a look at the few tips that are given below:

  • Know In Details About Staircasing
  • In shared ownership, you can decide to buy extra shares if you have the financial opportunity. This is termed as staircasing. But, it is important to know about the particular staircasing terms of the property you want. The rules vary from association to association. 
  • Make Sure That The Location Is Perfect
  • Just liking the property might not be enough; you also need to ensure that its location benefits you. If it is nearer to your place of work or study, it will be much more convenient for you. Furthermore, the prime location of the property will be particularly advantageous when you want to sell it. 
  • Keep In Mind The Service Charge Factor
  • It is important to know the rate of the service charge before you decide on the property. This will be an additional cost besides the maintenance costs and the mortgage. You will need to calculate carefully if the service charges they are extracting is worth the property. 
  • Study The Property Market
  • You can only avail of the best possible deal if you are aware of the property market. The fluctuations that occur in the property market are huge and knowing about it will help you a lot. You must keenly study the valuation of the property on the time of renting it. This valuation often changes and impacts the rate of the property. 
  • Get professional help
  • There are several ways you might be duped when searching for shared ownership. The best way to avoid that is to seek professional help. You can obtain the services of the shared ownership solicitors London. They are much more versed and can provide you with all the knowledge that you need to have before opting for shared ownership. 

These are some of the useful tips that you can keep in mind while getting shared ownership. With hard work and patience, you can eventually own the entire property and proudly call it your home. After all, that’s all that we want, isn’t it?

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