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Travel health insurance benefits


If you start a trip abroad, you should first take out travel health insurance that is valid worldwide. Insurance cover from private or statutory health insurance is only partially effective abroad: In the event of illness or an accident, travelers without travel health insurance have to bear the treatment and transport costs incurred in part or, in many cases, in full. Travelers with travel health insurance, on the other hand, are financially protected. In this case, the international travel health insurance covers the entire costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment on site as well as the return transport to many countries. Depending on the choice of provider, any search, rescue and recovery costs will also be covered. The annual protection offers optimal protection for all trips during the year. For longer trips, travelers must apply for separate travel health insurance. One- time protection in the form of long-term travel health insurance for a trip is recommended here.

 The normal travel health insurance of the statutory health insurance companies only applies to some countries and states with which a social security agreement exists. But even there it can happen that you, as a statutory health insurance patient, are also asked to pay for medical treatment, because the services that you have used for medical care abroad only rarely correspond to the catalog of benefits of the health insurance companies. In such cases, a private travel health insurance can help! This also covers the costs for a return transport to, which in an emergency can cost well over 50,000 bucks and is generally not financed by expat insurance broker from the statutory health insurance.

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Whether a fall while skiing, acute toothache or a diving accident – anyone who is acutely ill or has an accident as a traveler and needs medical help is faced with a mountain of problems without the right travel health insurance and often with a financial fiasco due to high treatment costs. Anyone who believes that the domestic statutory health insurance will cover all of the costs is wrong. Private travel health insurance is a must for every traveler. Regardless of whether long-distance travel or short vacation, every traveler should have the right travel protection in their luggage. Only travel health insurance covers the costs for medically necessary dental treatment, outpatient and inpatient treatment, necessary operations or transport back to your home country.

Better to choose travel health insurance with no deductible . Tariffs with excess are not recommended. In the event of damage, this means for the insured person that a fixed amount must be borne by the insured himself as a risk component and will not be reimbursed. The deductible is agreed per claim and can be between 25 and 100 bucks.

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