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Why Go For A Main Door Electronic Lock?


Your main door is the primary entrance to your home. The safety of it should be considered first before anything else. We all look into beautifying the main door, making it fancy or aesthetic. But what about safety? Is it anywhere on the priority list? If not, it should be. Safety should always be a chief concern in any home or office. It is always beneficial to install a main door electronic lock to keep it safe.

Electronic or digital locks

The world of locks has come a long way from the normal lock and key mechanism to more advanced biometric sensors and face scanners. It was a huge leap from the conventional system. Electronic locks are those locks that require a source of power to function. They need to be connected to a battery or the main supply. They are efficient that way. The features of an electronic lock include e-keypads, fingerprint sensors, face scanners and other biometric systems.


  • Wireless keys: The locks are wireless and can be carried with ease. It can gain entry to multiple doors if access is given. All it needs is a small key card.
  • Biometrics: It cannot get more personalized! Biometric entry with fingerprints or eye scanners is the ultimate safety a lock can provide. It uses a person’s unique characteristics like a fingerprint, eye pattern or face structure to recognise and provide access. Install a main door electronic lock for the supreme safety experience.
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  • Zero duplication: The personalized key or scanners cannot be duplicated by a third party without the individual’s consent. A person’s biometrics are unique to them and to replicate it is nearly impossible.
  • Stolen cards: Digital locks provide safety against unfair use of stolen keys. If a person’s key card is lost, he or she just need to file a formal complaint. The IT department can revoke all access to the lost card so that if a person steals it, they cannot use it.
  • Easily updatable: The provision for locking a person out of the system comes in handy when people resign from a company. If the company wants to make sure no old employees or people posing to be their employees are wandering their halls. They can simply delete the record of the individual so that they cannot use the card for entry ever again.

All these benefits point to why it is wise to install main door electronic lock systems. The magnitude of security it provides is nearly unmatchable.

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