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Luxuriant Furnishing With Quartz Kitchen Top Singapore Fabrications


Kitchen countertops are the most exposed to a variety of compounds and reactions. Every quirky experiment with heat or any food item is an immense challenge for the counters to restrain. The formerly preferred wooden, marble, or tiled tops have been found less resistant and easily weathered, thus searching for a more rigid option. Quartz engineering and use came out as one of the ground-breaking revolutions among the interior fabrications to overcome the drawbacks of the other stones used to date. Quartz kitchen top Singapore fabricators offer high-grade options in a variety of quartz counters differing in their make.

Why Quartz?

Quartz reflects an immense luxurious look with its fine lustrous finish. But over the looks, the household installations are more concerned about their worth and durability as they are at frequent use. The natural stone is used in the form of quartzite and compressed quartz.

  • Quartz Benefits- Relatively, the hardened crystal in both forms is rigid than its competitors and has more durability. It is resistant to fluids, and material reactions thus are indestructible. Being firm material throughout, it is rigid and avoids bacterial penetration or accumulation on its surface. Moreover, natural stones like marble and granite don’t have vivid colors and customizing options, which is a positive score for quartz.
  • Choosing Over Quartzite- Natural extracted from mineral, quartzite is a non-resin holder, thus more reactant to heat than the engineered one. It also requires a top-sealing to protect the natural stone from the reactions, which needs to be monitored and replaced if the need arises. Being a natural stone, it isn’t feasible to clean it regularly with acids or scrub it hard every time. Instead, the compressed quartz came out as a revolutionary upgrade to overcome these trivial drawbacks.

    Try Out The Compressed Quartz Of Singapore

Quartz kitchen top Singapore installations have the top-notch quality of engineered quartz rather than using the whole natural stones. The commercial quartz is 10% processed with polymers or resins, erasing its porous effect. It is more feasible than the raw minerals due to:

  • Less Maintainance: Being more rigid and requiring no protective layering is easy to clean and maintain. Natural stones soak the stains if left unattended and destroy the radiant look, which isn’t the case. It can be cleaned with water without much effort. It is also heat and force resistant making them quite feasible for kitchen countertops.
  • No Top Layering: Quartzite’s or Granite’s naturality makes it porous, requiring more attention. The price for both is the same in the market, but the former needs external top layer installation to increase the additional charges. Thus, engineered quartz is opted to reduce the extra charges of sealants and successive maintenance.

Though expensive than the other popular stones used, quartz’s explicit properties won over the most favored price. It is eventually the latest choice among interior home decor.

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