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Important Things to Remember in Cleaning Your Blinds


Using blinds in place of curtains have become a common thing for many people. Blinds have different advantages and are easier to maintain than curtains. Some would even claim that using blinds is more cost-efficient because some materials are more durable compared to the fabrics that curtains are made of.

There are also specialized types of blinds for certain purposes. For instance, some are used to prevent heat and the glare of the sun outside to affect the temperature inside. Blinds have become essential. Therefore, people who installed these should know that in order to keep it functional, it needs to be maintained. The most common method is blind cleaning. 

What’s the material used?

When it comes to cleaning, there are different things to consider. The most important one is the material. Blinds are made of different materials. And for each one, there’s a suitable process and proper tools or substances to use for cleaning. 

Prepare the blinds

It’s important to remove the blinds first. Why? It’s easier to clean it this way. Secondly, if the blinds are connected to an automated system, there’s a risk of getting the whole thing wet. And this can cause serious damage. You might not be able to use it after. Another reason is you can effectively avoid the mess. 

Dusting first before anything else

Remove the dust first. Some materials can collect dust more than others. If that’s the case, it needs regular cleaning. Others use a damp cloth to make sure the dust won’t scatter and make a mess of other areas. Dust can also irritate your nose. 

Does vacuuming the blinds work?

Again, this depends on the materials. For wood types, the vacuum can be an effective means of removing dust and dirt on certain areas that are hard to reach. But this won’t exactly work on fabric types, especially when you’re dealing with stains. That type of thing needs to be properly washed. Vinyl can also be vacuumed. But it’s best if you wipe it with a damp cloth. That way, you can be sure it’s actually clean. 

How often do you clean blinds?

There are different cycles and recommended schedules for certain materials. You can choose to follow it. For fabric type blinds, you need to clean it as regularly as possible since it easily collects dust and dirt. It can easily get stained as well. Hard material blind types like vinyl or bamboo don’t need to be washed regularly. You just have to dust it properly. 

Replacing blinds

No matter how durable blinds are, there will come a time when you need to replace them. There can be issues or it can be damaged. In order to not experience any inconveniences because of non-functional blinds, it’s best to have it replaced. For automatic blinds, you don’t need to replace the whole thing unless the system is damaged as well. If you wish to replace blinds because you want a fresher and newer look, that’s also a good thing. You can take this opportunity to try other types and materials. 

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Marissa Henricks

Entrepreneur, writer, and proud mom of two wonderful kids. She often writes about her DIY projects on Sites by design or imparts her knowledge on managing the house through her posts.

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