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Importance Of Landscape Maintenance | Tips For Choosing A Lawn Aerator


Many families wish to have a huge lawn where their kids can freely run around together with their pets, where they can hold backyard parties with friends, or maybe to have a huge space for their garden. However, maintaining a huge lawn is not easy. Maybe you own a huge lawn and already landscaped it. You know too well that your responsibilities for your lawn don’t stop there. You have to learn how to maintain it. This is to make sure that your property is in top shape and it will not turn into a mini forest.

Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

You need to make sure that it is properly maintained to avoid it getting invaded by pests and insects that can be harmful to your family. However, landscape service can be expensive. If you have time, why don’t you do it on your own? Here are some tips on how to maintain your lawn:

  • Water Occasionally. Your grass has deep roots and this is what keeps your lawn looking healthy and lush. In order to promote root growth, you have to water heavily but occasionally. Water in the late evenings or in the early mornings to avoid too much water evaporation.
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  • Mowing the Grass. When it comes to cutting grass, it needs to be done at certain grass height. It should be around 3 ½ to 4 inches tall height when you decide to cut it. Your mower should also be set at the highest setting. If the grass is new, do not mow within a week of planting. Mow dry grass and never on a wet lawn. Also, if this is an established lawn, mow the grass in a different direction from your last mow.
  • Use Good Quality Fertilizer. When it comes to lawn maintenance, it also includes a good fertilizer. Never think that since this is only grass, it doesn’t need one. Just like your flowers, they also need fertilizer to keep them healthy and lush.
  • Aerate Your Lawn During Fall or Spring Seasons. You need to aerate your lawn yearly, especially during the fall or spring seasons. You need to aerate while the soil is still dry but still a bit wet enough to allow for the tines to penetrate. 

Choosing A Walk Behind Lawn Aerator

Growing weeds are unsightly. Not only that, but they also steal nutrients, water, and sunlight which should be taken advantage of your plants and trees. In order to maintain your beautiful lawn, you need to have a high-quality walk behind lawn aerator. But is this is the best option for you?

When choosing a lawn aerator, always consider the size of your plot, the type of soil, and also your physical condition. Not all lawn aerators are designed the same. The ones that your neighbor uses might not be the best machine for you. There are different lawn aerator types for you to choose from. There is the tow behind aerators, residential aerator, hand-held aerator, plug aerator, and walk behind lawn aerator. For most homeowners, they consider the latter because it is easy to use.

Buying Walk Behind Lawn Aerator Online

Do not be afraid when buying a walk behind lawn aerator online. Choose the brands that you trust. It can also help if you do your own research while taking into consideration the most important information mentioned above.

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