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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Thermostat for Your Home


The right thermostat will allow you to live comfortably while saving money on energy bills. If you need a replacement, you must know that there are many thermostats available in the market these days. The concern for many is how to choose between Nest vs Ecobee.

To tackle this problem, you should know what factors to consider when choosing the ideal thermostat for your home. Here’s a list:


As with any device, you should take a look at its power. If you want to ensure the best performance, you should choose a thermostat that is compatible with your HVAC system and that usually involves the voltage. There are many types of thermostat power – high voltage (110V or 240V), low voltage (like 24V power) and millivolt.

You must know that 110V or 240V is great for baseboard systems. As for the 24V power, it is only designed for air conditioners, heat pumps, and boilers. Lastly, the millivolt does not utilize electricity but it is a useful addition to your space heating.

Heating and cooling stages

Heating and cooling have three stages – single system, two-stage, and variable capacity. The single system boasts of a 100% heating and cooling capacity while a two-stage system provides 65% of heating and 100% of cooling capacity. The variable capacity features an advanced two-stage system that works quicker, quieter and more precise. This system boasts of 40% heating and 100% cooling capacity.


There are three main types of thermostat – manual, programmable and smart. Of the three main types, smart thermostats are the best but the most expensive. Smart thermostats will learn your living habits and set the thermostat automatically based on it. This is ideal because it can help you save on energy bills, check over here.


If you consider a smart thermostat, connectivity is important. The device should be Wi-Fi ready so you can connect or set it anytime and anywhere using only a tablet or smartphone.


If you consider a smart thermostat, it will allow programming manually. This means that you can plan a different temperature during the day and night. You can also program based on the season. If you want automatic, you should find a thermostat that has an auto changeover switch.


When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of a thermostat, there are many designs that you can consider. There are others with large LED displays, which allows for an easy read any time of the night or day while others only boast of a simple dial. Whatever the design, make sure that it works seamlessly with the surroundings.


Keep in mind that the more features your thermostat offers, the more it will cost you at the end of the day. If you have a tight budget, you must take a look at the features and determine what aspects you can live without.

Final words

Whatever type you consider, you should let the experts install it. Do not install the new thermostat on your own even if you know about wiring or rewiring it. With experts, you are assured of quality installation free from malfunctions and other issues along the way.

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