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How Can You Get Resale 4 Room Renovation?


To understand where far you can earmark, you clearly could use a ballpark amount. However, as there are many factors, stating the obvious is difficult. The final cost of resale 4 room renovation and refurbishment is determined by:

  • House type

Is it a freehold property, a condominium, or an HDB flat? Is there anything already attached to it?

  • Its history and situation

A brand new shiny BTO and a generations resale flat would require entirely different amounts and types of restoration work.

  • How much work do you still want to be completed?

Are you content with the present situation, or would you like to start from scratch and create your ideal home?

  • Material types include

Consider paying extra if you want atas marble worktops and parquet flooring.

  • It would be best if you used the following contractor/design firm.

Of course, various firms charge differently.

Now, what does hacking, brickwork, woodwork, etc., imply?

resale 4 room renovation

One should know what sort of work you’ll be spending before starting any renovations. While piping, copper cables, and repainting are self, carpentry, brickwork, and woodwork are the three major tasks that will take up the most of the time (and the cost).


This term involves the separation of any natural and built furnishings, carpeting, wall finishes (such as tiles), and actual buildings or even other constructions.

The further we tamper with the apartment’s initial form, the more effort it will take and the more money it will price us — destruction and removal are both time-consuming tasks. And that is why resale apartment repairs may be substantially more expensive than a “blank slate” new property.

In certain circumstances, hacking isn’t genuinely essential. For instance, specific contemporary vinyl, laminated, and manufactured wood floors may be put over old tiles if you wish to replace the carpeting.


Masonry is defined as anything that involves cement. Consider shower speed bumps, cupboard bases, and floor/wall tile.

Evermore tinkering and reconfiguring are done; hence more brickwork is required. The greater the total area covered, so rawer materials and workforce are needed.


Carpentry innovation and creative bookshelves, TV terminals, bed frames, closets, and cupboards, among other things.

Although made-to-order furnishings may appear more elegant, it isn’t essential; there are several economical furnishings alternatives available; everything you have to do is choose the ideal arrangement.


HDB maintains a list of procurement for constructors, and you may verify if Identities are certified for Identities. One should only use a restoration builder for resale 4 room renovation, who is registered underneath the Licensed Reconstruction Contractors’ Scheme whether you’re remodeling an HDB apartment (RRCS).

HDB licensed builders are familiar with HDB’s laws and regulations and refuse works, not compliance.

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