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Why would someone use carbon laser peel?


Goldberg Et first described the carbon laser peel technology for laser hair removal in 1997. The method has been expanded to treat acne vulgaris and pores after demonstrating the impact on the hair follicle. Only one experience for each indication was shared in one study that used various laser regimens on a small number of patients. However, common mechanisms of action were proposed in relation to the peeling impact of the process, including the decrease in P. acnes microbial colonisation, sebaceous gland function, as well as the histologically demonstrated thinned stratum corneum of the epidermis. All of these processes, when combined, may lessen inflammation. Interestingly, it has been demonstrated that the carbon peel laser technique produces a peeling effect, clearing the skin’s surface and clogged pores. This corrects the hypercornification of the follicular epithelium, which may be preventing the physiologic outflow of sebum to the skin surface, and lowers skin inflammation. Although this method is widely used and there is a wealth of material available online, there aren’t many scientific studies published in the literature. The 2012 report covered the most recent publication. Their case study demonstrated that using the carbon peel laser for acne-prone skin has outstanding safety characteristics. Finding effective treatment regimens will require more research.You can visit the Become Aesthetic to talk about your medical history, allergies, concerns, and treatment goals before beginning with the carbon laser peel.

carbon laser peel

Working of carbon laser peel:

A mild laser technique called a carbon laser peel deeply exfoliates the skin for an instant shine. The entire face is covered with a thin layer of medical-grade carbon paste, which is then allowed to dry for a few minutes. Deep pores will be reached by the carbon, which will then absorb dirt and pollutants. The carbon paste serves as a photo enhancer, allowing the laser to penetrate deeply into the pores and deliver energy there. The laser is then utilised to cause the implosion of carbon particles, which exfoliates skin and clears up pores. This procedure opens up and refines pores, lessens pigmentation, scarring, and pigmentation caused by acne, and stimulates the creation of collagen. The skin is left feeling softer and smoother with a radiant and clear complexion. Celebrities and influencers favour the Carbon Laser Peel because it rejuvenates ageing skin without effort. Many celebrities rely on Carbon Laser Peel to get an immediate skin refresher or “fast fix” prior to red carpet events or media appearances without the prolonged downtime that may be associated with other procedures.

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