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What is involved in ultrasound and sonogram?


If a woman is pregnant she has to take the ultrasound test at regular cycles. This needs to be done to predict your baby to you and to your friends, relatives and neighbours. In simple words the image you show to others is nothing but the sonogram generated during the ultrasound process. This makes clear that both the terms are same. During your first ultrasound exam conducted by your doctor the following studies can be understand

Anatomy scan – This is nothing but the first examination you are undergoing. This is helpful in detecting the pregnancy condition whether it is single or there is multiple pregnancies.

This scan is conducted regularly to ensure everything is going alright inside the mother’s womb. Based on this you can calculate the delivery date for a woman. To handle all this things in a normal way and to happen the delivery in the estimated time period it is necessary to undergo this ultrasound examination without fails. If you are not serious about the scans then it will lead to so many problems to both mother and the baby. This involves the echo cardiology test also which needs to be done to determine the heartbeat of the baby inside the mother’s womb. After determining all this next examination will determine the movement of baby and its position inside the womb. These examinations are not only to determine the above things. There exists one more test called Doppler sonography. This exam is done to determine whether it will be going to happen normal delivery or is there any chance for doing C-section. The c-sectional situation occurs under the following reasons,

  • If the woman is facing diabetes
  • If she is going to give birth to more than one baby
  • Or she may be in preeclampsia.

You may get fear of doing this test these many times. So many have the question whether this tests are safe to undergo? Yes of course it is. You can get assurance of not getting side effects. The ultrasound method doest not involve any radiations like in x-ray and CT scans. Hence there will be no birth defect for the child. Apart from the normal ultrasound tests there are 3D and 4D ultrasound tests. It is not advised to take this tests often. Taking this type of tests will give you the first  and memorable picture of your child. Though this is a precious one it is not advised as your child may be exposed to more ultrasound frequencies which in turn disturbs the child inside the womb. Hence your baby will be restless inside you. This information should be known to the people who are giving birth to a new soul.

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