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What is a podiatrist and when individual need to visit for treatment?


A syosset podiatrist is a place to treat issues with the foot, ankle, and lower leg. This treatment is used to reduce pain and increase the healing speed after an injury or surgery. The specialist’s duties include setting fractures, conducting therapy sessions, writing prescriptions for medication, and, if necessary, performing surgery.

Some foot issues disappear after some time, while others should be taken care of for a long time. If it is left without any additional care, it may lead to chronic cases and create more serious issues like cancer. To get the best foot treatment, it is advised to visit a professional, like syosset podiatrist.

When visiting a podiatrist, they usually analyze the individual’s medical history to identify the issue in their body. Using this method, they identify the discoloration, swelling, and other issues. Sometimes they also ask the patient to walk using the toes and feet in a different direction to identify the problem with the individual.

syosset foot doctor

Based on the individual’s results, they undergo a specific test to finally diagnose the issues. The test taken for individuals includes

  • Blood test
  • Imaging test
  • Electromyography
  • Quantitative sensory test

These are the common tests used to identify the issues in an individual’s body. 

When should an individual need to visit a podiatrist?

There are many reasons to visit a podiatrist in your life. Here, some common reasons to visit podiatric:

  • Prolonged heel pain
  • Pain in ankle
  • Fracture of bone
  • Diabetes
  • Nail infection

Prolonged heel pain

Heel pain is common for many people. Most of the time, it can be managed by undergoing simple therapy treatments. If the pain is unbearable, you need to visit a podiatrist to get your health issue treated. The pain in your heel is due to inflammation on your heel.

Pain in ankle

The ankle is a hardworking part of your body in daily life. Self-care techniques are used to treat this pain, which has many different causes. Ankle pain is due to the following conditions.

  • Nerve damage
  • Poor blood flow
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tight footwear
  • Inflammatory arthritis

Fracture of bone

When your bone is fractured, you can still do your daily activities. It makes it difficult to run, stand, walk, and for other reasons. The pain due to the fracture is unbearable while taking any action.


Diabetes is a chronic disease that creates different medical issues in your body. It also develops non-healing foot wounds. So, podiatric helps treat diabetes patients regularly.

Nail infection

Nail infection is commonly caused due to injury, ingrown toenails, and cracked nails. If it became tender, swollen, and painful then get a treat with a specialist podiatrist.

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