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What are the causes of shoulder pain?


Imagine a socket and a ball. The socket allows the ball to spin. That’s your shoulder, man. The ‘ball,’ or your arm bone, is held in place by a group of muscles. What you’re looking at is a “rotator cuff.” The tendons and muscles of the rotator cuff help rotate the shoulder joint and link the upper arm to the shoulder. If you experience shoulder pain Singapore, this article is for you.

The soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, rather than the bones, are the most common causes of shoulder pain singapore. By lifting a kid or moving a piece of furniture, we might easily harm our bodies. The following are the most common types of shoulder-related issues:


Wear and strain over time can lead to this ailment, especially in the case of the tendon. Chronic tendinitis and acute tendinitis are both forms of tendinitis. As we age, we are more likely to suffer from chronic tendinitis. In the workplace, repeated or excessive weightlifting, ball tossing, or lifting extensive equipment can cause acute tendinitis.


Bursas are liquid sacs that sit surrounding the joints and serve to minimize friction during movement. It might not be easy to move when the bursa becomes inflamed and swollen due to overuse. Known as bursitis, this is what’s going on.

shoulder pain singapore


There are times when sudden motions might cause the bones to shift out of place. When you move your arm, you will feel discomfort and instability if the ball is out of the socket, either partial or complete. Dislocation and subluxation are two terms used to describe the same thing. Recurrent dislocations are possible if the surrounding tendons, ligaments, and muscles are already loose or damaged.

Rotator cuff injuries can cause pain, as well. The shoulder cuff can be torn in two ways: acutely and gradually (degenerative tear). Repetitive stress from housework, a lack of blood flow to the tendons, or bone spurs can all contribute to tendonitis.


Swelling, pain, and stiffness are all symptoms of inflammatory arthritis caused by job or sports injuries. A painful limitation of mobility occurs due to the tightening of the soft tissue.

Shoulder pain relief is possible, right?

Shoulder discomfort can be treated and recovered from in a variety of ways:


You may be advised to avoid specific activities by your doctor to prevent aggravating the condition, and a sling may be prescribed to cover your shoulder and keep it still.


Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine to assist in alleviating pain and swelling.


Bone spurs and calcium deposits squeezing tendon fibers can need this procedure, which is usually reserved as the last option. Muscle rips can be healed surgically, but patients often require a period of four to six months of rehabilitation before they can resume normal shoulder function.

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