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Update yourself with eye care consultation in Singapore


As an eye is a significant body part, it is responsible for our feelings, judgment, etc. Our eyelids always protect these eyes just like parents protecting their kids because they are susceptible and weak in terms of physical toughness; these are directly connected to our nervous system to provide better vision and uninterrupted quality. Prevention is better than cure, so we have to be in touch with the eye care consultation Singapore.

Some diseases happen with eyes

¬†An ocular migraine is a bizarre visual phenomenon that some people experience without discomfort. It could take the form of flashing or shimmer lights, psychedelic visuals, or a zigzagging line or star pattern. Whatever it appears to be, it usually starts as a bit of distortion in the center of the vision that grows until it obliterates all else before disappearing completely. Ocular migraines that aren’t painful should impact both eyes at around the same time.

Although painless ocular migraines do not cause headaches, they can cause symptoms such as brief speech and motor function difficulties. They can make it challenging to do reading, writing, or even driving. Hence, we advise everyone who has a headache to see a doctor.

eye care consultation singapore


Let us know more about migraines in depth

Retinal and optical migraines are not the same, despite their similar names. Retinal migraines afflict only one eye, not both, unlike ocular attacks, which are generally innocuous. They occur when the blood arteries in the retina constrict, resulting in diminished blood flow to the retina.

A retinal migraine can occur as infrequently as once each few months, but it’s still crucial to tell your doctor when you get one so they can see whether there’s a link to another, more significant health problem.

We’re honored to be your lifetime vision health partners, and part of that means we really ought to know about another change in your vision, whether temporary or permanent. If the symptoms we’ve mentioned look plausible, book an appointment so that we can all talk about it and figure out what’s causing them. Please feel free to send us an email with any ocular migraine-related inquiries.


There are some eye consultations always to take care of your eye; after the complete treatment of the eye, you are good to go with vision, but why situation happens in life, for that cause we are always taking a glance of eye care consultation singapore. After this, you will always be fit and delicate; that is confirmed.

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