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Treatment based on the unique constitution of the organ


Every people in the world are born different and used to follow different lifestyles. Though all people are living in the commonplace, a world their way of living may differ from person to person depending on their environmental situations. Similarly, our human body contains ten different parts of the organ where each organ functions in a different way. These different organs function in relation with each other but each organ has its own individuality. The natural harmony will stream between these organs, thus when this harmony is lost then the person will fall to sick. Thus the acupuncture method deeply studies the unique functions of each organ and starts treatment in a unique way which is named as an 8 constitutional medicine. With this method of treatment, patient’s are instructed how to lead their physiological density.

Overview of 8 constitution medicine with distinctive individuality:

Based upon the relationship between each organ, an individual constitution can be categorized. Every organ produces, stores and distributes its own life force are connected to each other with the invisible pathway called meridians.

The Hepatonia:

Hepatonia constitution is related to the strong liver and weak lungs and also expected to have strong kidney and weak pancreas. This constitution tends to be more skilled and realistic as they are usually reserved and quiet. They produce unsuccessful outcomes as they were more ambitious in achieving results and high blood pressure is common for this constitution.

The cholecystonia:

Cholecystonias are expected to be more adaptable, charitable, quick in making decisions and maintain a good relationship among the social environment. This is characterized by strong gallbladder and weak colon.

The pulmotonia:

In this constitution, the lungs work in a higher rate and liver work in a lower rate. They are a naturally creative thinker and themselves as perfectionists by avoiding mistakes. They maintain a large circle of relations with more sensitiveness.

The colonotonia:

Here the intestine works faster than the gallbladder. Hence they tend to be more emotional, cheerful, sensitive and adventurous. They had great potential in observing music with their acute hearing capabilities.

The pancreotonia:

The kidney acts very much slower than the pancreas and the people are more passionate and positive under this constitution. In addition, pancreotonias are proactive, restless, straightforward and sensible.

The gastrotonia:

Gastrotonia deals with superior stomach and inferior bladder where people under this category have a good sense of aesthetic views and are responsible with a generous attitude. Indigestion problems often arise which results in anxiety disorder.

The renotonia:

This type of constitution is related to superior kidney and inferior pancreas in which people are good listeners and considers other thoughts and concerns during decision making and they rarely express anger to the others.

The vesicotonia:

Vesicotonia is characterized by its superior bladder and inferior stomach that the people under this type will be more realistic, gentle, collected and cool. According to the people, unique individuality and qualities treatments are given in a systematic way.

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