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Say Goodbye To Coccyx Pain With An Effective Remedy


Sitting uncomfortably makes an unproductive day to you. You might feel discomfort due to coccyx pain. Coccyx or tailbone pain might sounds unfamiliar to you. But, tailbone itself can explain to you what this kind of pain is all about. Tailbone is one of the bones in our body that is located at the bottom of a human end spin. Coccyx pain is popularly known as coccydynia. The common causes of coccydynia can be a dislocation, a fall, inborn, a fall, tumors or unidentified cause. Coccyx pain can be serious. It can also limit a person’s ability to work, sit and even become productive in everyday life. With the use of a coccyx cushion, it can be a great way to relieve tailbone pain. It is specifically designed for the tailbone. The cushion is made of heavy-duty foam or gel. It has a cutout at the back for reliving the pressure of the spine or the tailbone.

Methods of using the cushion

The cushion is an excellent material used for relieving tailbone pain. In fact, many coccydynia sufferers were thankful for how this material has helped them deal with the pain. The simple methods of using the cushion are the following:

1.) It is an everywhere use –  Yes, the use of the cushion can be used everywhere. The cushion can be a treatment. It is most effective to use at home, in the car and everywhere else. If you need to sit down, the comfortably sit on the cushion. You can put in on the seat and then you sit down. In fact, you can buy more than one cushion because it has an inexpensive price. Whenever you travel, you can bring it with you anywhere you go. Using the cushion consistently can be a key to treat a tailbone pain. Furthermore, you need to be aware that one cushion may be unsuitable for all scenarios. You can try to use a cushion in different situations since it cushions may differ from each other.

2.) A chair with a back – Using the cushion in a chair with a back is advisable as it gives you extra support. In fact, this cushion helps improve your posture naturally through sitting in elevated hips. A chair with a back helps you eliminate pressure on the pelvis and spine.

3.) The cushion should be placed directly on the seat – You should not put a doubled cushion on the seat. Do not add an extra pillow on the seat. You should not sit unevenly, it can be not healthy to your back.

4.) Adding hot packs or ice packs –  by adding hot packs or ice packs on the seat can be a cold or hot therapy. You will wrap the packs in a towel and put it on the side of the cutout area of the cushion.

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