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DecaDurabolin for better muscle growth


DecaDurabolin has been the trusted name for growing the muscle mass as much possible. This compound has not moved its place in the list of steroids available in the market. It has been known to relieve the joint pains along with the improvement of the immune system. The best part about DecaDurabolin is that it has least side effects on the users. This is the reason it is so popular among the athletes and body builders. It has many forms such as tablets and injections along with powder form. It is up to the user to decide on the form that he/she is comfortable with. The dosage is also different for the forms. So, if you wish to use injections then Deca can be injected once or twice a week.

Why less side effects from Deca

The reason that DecaDurabolin is beneficial for users is that it has less side effects. This is because it does not convert into estrogens which happens with other steroids. This does not mean that Deca does not have its issues as it needs to be consumed for at least 12 weeks to get the desired results. Deca users must take the drug in conjunction as it can stop the natural development of the hormone called testosterone. The cycle should be finished once it has kickstarted. This would help the body to grow as required. Deca should be injected once or twice a week. It is a great steroid for body builders as it has almost the same chemical structure that a testosterone has.

DecaDurabolin for better muscle growth

Even after it has the same effect of the testosterone, Deca has milder androgenic effects as compared to testosterone. It has been known to give the effects gradually as and when you build muscles. It is not dramatic as other steroids and this helps it to stay on for longer as well. Since the best cycle for Deca would be around 12 weeks, it should be showing results by that time. If you leave the cycle in between then you would not be able to benefit from it.

The dosage recommended for men is around 600 mg for a week. However, this is not for women as it should not be more than 50 mg per week. Women have a metabolism that cannot sustain much of Deca and therefore, it should be taken with a thought. This is also a point of discussion as testosterone is a male hormone and sometimes found among women in their ovaries. Deca can also show some signs of male characteristics such as deepening of voice, or hair growth on the face and chest which is not a good sign for women. Women are recommended to consume nandrolone Durabolin as it is shorter in its effect and safe for women. This helps in faster withdrawal and the symptoms of side effects cannot be seen in the body. Men should be a little cautious about the consumption as it can affect their natural production and complicate things in the future.

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