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Best Things To Know About Maid Medical Check-Up


The domestic helper mainly helps with cleaning clothes as well as the house.  Hiring a foreign domestic worker or the FDW mainly comes with legal requirements. This FDW is the type of medical examination. This is mainly the requisite biannual check-up for the foreign domestic helpers. This test checks for any pregnancy or any type of infectious disease. Some of the important facts to know about maid medical check up has been discussed in this article.

Different types of medical check-ups for the domestic maids

Below are some of the different types of medical check-ups for the domestic maids:

maid medical check up

  1. The pre-employment maid medical examination: The domestic helpers are mainly required to visit a Singapore-registered health-care provider for a pre-employment maid medical examination. They need to do this within 2 weeks of their arrival in Singapore. After passing all the required medical tests, the domestic maids will be issued a Work Permit. This medical examination is mainly designed to allow the maid to undergo some of the required tests for some of the common infectious diseases. This mainly includes HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, as well as malaria.
  2. The six-monthly medical examination: During this period of employment of the domestic helper, the employer will have to send their maids for the medical screening every 6 months. The medical screening is mainly needed for tuberculosis, pregnancy, syphilis, as well as HIV. In the case of 6ME, the employer will receive a notification letter when the maid’s 6ME is due.

The maids who are mainly above the age of 50 years are mainly not required to go for six-month medical examinations. If their work permit expires, they mainly need to again do a medical examination upon the renewal of their work permit. This test can also be avoided if the employer mainly wants to send the maid back home within 1 month after the due date of the 6ME.

It is necessary to keep track of the due dates as failure to attend the medical examination can mainly lead to the cancellation of a work permit. There are many agencies for the foreig maids. The agencies mainly understand the facts that cancellation of work permits can mainly cost someone a lot of money and time.

The medical records of any individual are mainly confidential. A comprehensive medical test is mainly non-negotiable. The test must include  Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV (I and II), as well as a pregnancy test.

These are some of the important facts to know about maid medical check-ups.

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