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All About Organic Foods: Why Is It More Healthier?


“Is organic food healthier?”

“Is it worth the value?”

You might be asking yourself these questions when you heard the word “organic food.” Organic is referred to as the way a particular agricultural product is processed. Though regulations may vary depending on the country, organic crops and foods must be grown without utilizing any synthetic pesticides, GMOs (bioengineered genes), sewage sludge-based fertilizers, and petroleum-based fertilizers.

Organic livestock such as dairy products, eggs, and meat should have access to the outside environment and given organic feeds as their food. Also, this livestock should not be given any antibiotic shots.” and growth-hormones.


The Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic

Organic Produce

Conventionally-grown Produce
Mostly grown with organic fertilizers like manure or compost Products are grown with the help of synthetic and harmful chemical fertilizers
Weeds are being managed carefully such as hand weeding, tilling, mulching, and crop rotation Weeds are controlled by utilizing chemical herbicides
Pests are carefully controlled by utilizing natural methods like insects, traps, and birds Pests are managed using synthetic pesticides


Organic Dairy, Eggs, and Meat

Conventionally-raised Dairy, Eggs, and Meat
Animals are given organic, GMO and hormone-free feeds Animals are given growth products for faster growth; they feed them GMO and non-organic feeds
Diseases are prevented by utilizing natural methods such as rotational grazing, clean housing, and a healthy diet Animals were shot by antibiotics to prevent animal diseases
Animals should have access to the outside environment Animals don’t have access outside


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Essential Benefits of Organic Food

How your food is grown can have a more significant impact on your physical and mental health as well as to the environment. Mostly, organic foods are full-packed with essential and beneficial nutrients like antioxidants – unlike with conventionally-grown products which can cause allergies, contains chemicals and preservative.

  • Organic food has fewer pesticides: Chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are commonly used in conventional agriculture, and their residues remain on the food you eat
  • Organic foods are fresher: Since it doesn’t contain any chemicals and preservative, it is often produced by smaller farmers
  • Organic farming is the best for the environment: It can reduce pollution, soil erosion, increases soil fertility, conserves water, and utilizes less energy. Besides, farming without using any pesticides is better for nearby animals such as birds and people who reside near the farms
  • Organic milk and meat are rich in nutrients: A study has shown that organic dairy and meats are 50% higher in omega-3 fatty acids compared to conventionally-raised animals
  • Organic food if 100% GMO-free: GMO or also known as Genetically Modified Organisms are GE (Genetically Engineered) foods are plants which DNA has been changed in ways that a natural procedure can’t interfere. They use it for products to be resistant to pesticides or to give the ability to produce their self-insecticide.

Why Organic Food is More Expensive

Organic food and natural product are more labor extensive compared to conventionally-grown products. Since most of the farmers don’t utilize chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and drugs to the menu. Plus, organic certification, licensed, organic feed for animals are more expensive. Besides, organic farms are smaller compared to conventional farms. That’s why they produce lesser products compared to conventional farms.

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