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See the unseen sides of CBD oil


In today’s time, when everybody is questioning the legality of cannabis, it is important to know about CBD, a cannabis compound. CBD stands for cannabidiol and occurs naturally in notable quantities in all cannabis plants. It can be easily extracted from these plants. The significant medical benefits of CBD have made this lesser known compound most sought after in recent years. Amidst the controversy surrounding the use of cannabis, CBD oil is gaining popularity owing to its non-profit psychoactive property. Being extracted from cannabis plants like hemp, marijuana etc, there are always qualms about effects from cbd oil.

Understanding CBD oil

  • It is generally prepared by extracting cannabidiol from cannabis plants. The quality of Balance CBD Oil Tinctures depends on the method of extraction. Solvents like ethanol and olive oil can be used for safe extraction of cannabidiol. The residuals produced on using solvents like petroleum and naphtha can leave harmful effects on your health. Supercritical CO2 extraction method is the most preferred as it involves no toxic solvents.
  • Studies have shown that CBD oil is safe to an extent and is widely accepted for the medical benefits.

Though CBD oil is tested for its safety and is used for medical treatments, there are always some points that are to be considered before using any pharmaceutical product.

CBD oil

Things to Keep In Mind before Buying CBD Oil

  • Purity: It is important to see if the oil contains 50% or more content of CBD. Compromising with purity is like compromising with your health.
  • Place of manufacture: The USA and Canada made CBD oil is best to choose from. Due to the strict regulations there, high quality is guaranteed.
  • Cost: High quality CBD oil should cost at least $40- $45. Low priced CBD oil does lack in quality.

Studies have shown that CBD oil is a safe, non-toxic, medicinal product and in most cases can be tolerated even in high doses. Talking about the side effects from CBD oil, it depends on the individual’s response to it. Some are sensitive to its use. Dosage should be monitored keeping this fact in mind.

Some Possible Side-effects

  • Mild stomach pain, drowsiness, dries mouth, fatigue, dysphoria and light headedness. This however is seen occurring in some individuals in cases of high dose and is generally not a common problem. Such side effects from cbd oil have not been reported when used in moderate doses.
  • In some cases, it is due to potential drug interactions.

CBD oil has brought out the positivity connected with marijuana and other cannabis plants amidst all the negativity surrounding them.

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