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Quotes about Human Rights: The Urge To Break The Shackles


Human Rights are moral principles or fundamental values which describes specific standards of human behaviour and are systematically protected as natural and legal rights in municipal and international law. These human rights tend to protect every human being fro legal, social and political threats. There are certain subjects under which human rights are considered like existence, content, nature, universality, justification, and legality. Two humans can have the paired basic idea of human rights even if they contradict about which powers belong to which list. Human Rights are essential elements which ensure everyone is treated equally and faces meaningful repercussions.

Impact of human rights quotes:

Several great philosophers, actors, actress, scientist, activists, singers and many more people have used the power of words and communication to form a lineage of ideas. Ideas that will be followed, which will evolve, grow, spread awareness and create a massive impact about human beings and their rights. From kid to an adult, everyone has quoted their words to cover the importance of people rights. To undo the wrong, to punish the criminals and most importantly give a chance to justify the wrong is the impact of quotes about human rights. It creates the power to stand up, and it grows the urge to speak for themselves and the others. These quotes stand by moral rights and need to give the people they deserve and to show the people that there is nothing to be afraid to ask for what is already theirs. Human rights quotes signify that they are universal, inalienable, intertwined, indivisible and most importantly, non-discriminatory.

Evolution Of Quotes About Human Rights

The need for human rights:

A Human Rights Act acts as a shield which ensures the basic needs and freedoms of the people are not altered or have gone unnoticed. Suppose laws are being created regarding police accountability. In that case, voting procedures, the privacy of information, censorship, or be it anything, the authorities or the parliament will make sure that these laws co-exist with human rights. It ensures responsibility and accountability on the part of people in general and government in particular. It guarantees basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education along with other opportunities which an individual requires.

The advent of human rights shook the world when it was first laid down but, it was done to end the slavery, discrimination, genocide and government oppressions. The catastrophes of the world war II made it very much clear that individual rights were merely inadequate and inefficient against the government. Several treaties, convents, charters and declarations ere ratified and then reserved to be efficient laws. These rights are intrinsic to all human beings irrespective of one’s caste, creed, religion, sex, language, nationality and any other status. quotes about human rights forge a sense of responsibility in the hearts and minds of the people.

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