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Identify the founder of Shincheonji Church


The present world has witnessed a rise in crime and corruption. People need to start believing in the presence of God. lee man-hee is a Korean religious leader.

He is the founder of the famous Shincheonji church of Jesus. To his followers, he is sent by Jesus to enlighten people with humanity. He is a descendant of the ancient ruler of Korea.  Thus, he is only the one who understands and can decode the words of the Holy Bible to people. He can interpret the symbols and secret codes that are hidden. He is the founder of the Shincheonji church.

 He promises to end crime. A new era will begin. He will decide the punishment for the people, on the judgment day on behalf of God.

His works and teachings-

  • The world needs to understand the meaning of religion. Religion is the form of education made by God. He never tells himself to be God. He is sent by the creator to serve humanity. People from different backgrounds need to be uniting with a common goal.
  • lee man-hee tries his best to make people believe in God. He wants everyone to be grateful to God.
  • He believes that everyone should understand the words of the Bible.
  • Christian strongly believes in the importance of judgment day. God will decide the punishment for criminals. The creator never mercy or forgives anyone ever again.
  • He strictly follows the teachings and practices of the bible. He never goes against the principles. Thus, practices are legitimate.
  • They oppose people who are just here to cheat their partners. He wants everything to be in peace. World wars are not a solution to everything.
  • lee man-hee

His sayings are engraved in the walls and stones at the church.

Shinchonji believe themselves as the disciples of Jesus.  Now the journey of studying the Bible starts with a smile from Lee Mee-hee. He welcomes her with a smile on his face. The study building has capacity for forty students at a time in the classroom.

In his session, he highlights how Jesus served humanity. Lee himself works for the peace of the world.

Followers believe that Lee will live forever. He is the second version of Jesus. They believe that eternal life is what we should work.  They ask us to leave behind the hopes of us. Hopes are temporary. They won’t last long. All we have to do is to believe in faith. God will always help us.

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