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As Christians, we are called to be bold in our Christianity


We have been given a great gift from God in his grace. As believers or followers of Christ, we have received the gift of eternal salvation through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior have also experienced changes in their lives, because in no way can you ask Jesus in your heart if this does not change you as a person.

How we tend to keep faith in ourselves

As Christians, we tend to keep faith in ourselves and try not to deviate too much from other Christians. We do this because it is convenient to take it with us. It is safe. We will not be confronted with the ridicule or rejection of unbelievers. If we only keep it for ourselves and only let other Christians know our true identity, we believe that we can create some kind of safe haven from a world in which we will not be harmed. I have to say that I am as guilty as everyone when it comes to this. I tend to communicate with people who consider themselves Christian. I have other unbelieving friends, but I was guilty of not sharing my experience with them. I can insinuate this from time to time.

If someone wants to approach me, then I am well and comfortable talking with them about my faith, because if they ask me, this eliminates some of the potential for rejection. We are called to be bold in our Christianity and faith in the gospel message as referred in christianity hong kong. We are called to be like the apostle Paul. Talk about the conversion and transformation experience. Paul went from persecuting Christians to becoming a great evangelist who, thanks to his travels and the help of the Holy Spirit, could change the lives of many people. When I think of being brave, I think of Paul.

The books of Acts often point to Paul’s courage

Acts 28: 30-31 says: “He lived there for two years at his expense, [b] and (E) greeted all who came to him, 31 (F) proclaimed (G) the Kingdom of God and taught the Lord Jesus Christ (H) with all courage and (I) without interference. This is just an example of the book of Acts, which speaks of Paul’s courage. Why, if we see a great movie, we do not hesitate to tell everyone how great that was, but when our life changed and was renewed through Jesus, we cannot be brave and tell others the good news of the Gospel that Jesus died for our sins … on the cross for his infinite love for us. a question. I may never be able to answer, but there are things we can do. We may not be called to be great evangelists and preachers, but we can make others know our identity as Christians in christianity articles hong kong. We can do this the way we treat other people who love them, as Jesus loves us.

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