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5 simple ways to use Feng shui in your home


We all want to live a very peaceful life. It’s our dream to live a happy and wealthy life. But sometimes we feel that we happy enough wealth but we don’t have positive vines around us. It’s a common feeling that a lot of families shared with us. We understand your feeling of negative and anger even in happy moments. So if you want to eliminate those negative vibes into positive vibes then we recommend you to use Feng shui. There is a lot of Feng shui master in Singapore. If you’re also from Singapore then it’s the best thing and you don’t have to worry about it.

We will help you to connect with the Feng shui master in Singapore. But at first, let us tell you 5 simple ways to use Feng shui in your home. So let’s start:

  1. Check your commanding positions

This means that you should have to check your furniture positions. Do you know that your bee represents you, your table represents your career and your stove represents your wealth? These are the very rare things that people know. So you just have to take care of all of these things when you’re using Feng shui. You can use Feng shui at these places but make sure that you will be able to see the door clearly but not in a line with these things. And also not show your back to it. Just maintain a gap or distance from the door and clearly able to see the door.

5 simple ways to use Feng shui in your home

  1. Go vertical 

These vertical things help you to go higher and higher in your life. You must have to put some vertical things in your home. It doesn’t mean we are asking you to add a ladder in your home. You just have to create a vertical illusion in your home. You can create it in many ways like:

  • Put a huge vertical bookshelf
  • Use vertical lights in your home
  • Use vertical paint or tiles in your home
  • Put a long plant in the corner of your home which gives you the long illusion
  1. Keep things clean 

You must have to try your best to keep your house clean as it gives you a positive and relaxes sensation. A house which is unclean and has all the things lying here and there also makes your mind disturbed. So always keep everything at the place and clean as well.

If you want to put Feng shui in your house then you must have to consult with an expert because without the correct information you can’t able to get the benefit of it. So if you want to know more and also book a consultation then must visit our website.

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