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10 simple facts that prove racism is still a problem in America


Recently, there were protests in the entire United States for several weeks because of the death of a black person named George Floyd while he was in police custody. This has brought forward the issue that racial inequality and racism are still prevalent in America even in these modern times. Even now the Black Americans are over represented, underrepresented, or get different treatment as compared to white Americans. Here we bring to you 10 facts which will prove the presence of racism in America even in this modern age.

  1. According to the employment and population ratio measurement, the share for the demographic group having a job is low for Black people for years. Because of these lockdowns and pandemic, several Black Americans lost their job and more than half Black Americans became unemployed. Employments for blacks have been lower than for whites since ages but the situation became worse after the pandemic.
  2. Black Americans and other people of color are highly underrepresented in the corporate hierarchy’s top positions. Since ages, Black Americans are underrepresented in the high positions of the government as well.
  3. Wages for black workers have always been less as compared to the white ones. The overall income of Black Americans is around 42% less as compared to the whites according to statistics in 2018.
  4. The poverty rate is twice for Black families as compared to white families.
  5. There is a high gender wage gap between women and men in America too.
  6. Black Americans are not able to fulfill the “American Dream” which is to leave your children in a better position economically than yours.
  7. There is huge discrimination based on education opportunities based on racism.
  8. Black Americans have a lot of issues to get finance from banks. Their mortgage applications are mostly denied loans. So they face issues in buying a home of their own.
  9. There is a wide disparity based on race with respect to access to healthcare. This has been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis.
  10. The black population is overrepresented and easily arrested in the US prison as compared to their white counterparts.

These are a few simple facts that show that racism is still having its roots in America. The recent black lives matter protest is aiming to remove racism from the US. If you too want to become a part of the protest you can order black lives matter shirt, slogans, flags, or contribute to the protest from our website ceaseracism.com.

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