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Step by step guide on how to create a league of legend account


If you have never tried this masterpiece of the game, it’s time to jump. It’s not necessary that you want to access this level 30 account, but just log in to see what it is about. Most likely, it will be difficult for you to exit the game after you set up your LOL account and spend the first half hour studying the first Summoner Search. If, by chance, you also have friends who are at the same account level as you, this can be an even bigger explosion, since you can join them against an enemy team.

Increased despite

The popularity of the game has increased despite the fact that the game was first launched in 2009, like no other MOBA game (online multiplayer battleground). In fact, some players claim that League of Legends was the first real MOBA game that was important. Given that the number of players has increased from 12 million daily players in 2011 to 26 million daily players, the League of Legends counts today, you can see that there are still many players who create their LOL account while we talk.

league of legends elo boost

Of course, even if you don’t know any of the players personally, you can meet them using cheap league rank boosting, and they can work together on their skills and strategies. The super popular step of the creators of League of Legends, Riot Games, is that they made the game free not only for new creators of LOL accounts, but also for players who want to compete at a very high level of competition. You can do all this and much more without investing a penny of real money in it (and you can invest all the gold you have earned in your career as a player in League of Legends).

First, search Google for the term “League of Legends” to find the game’s homepage, as will be shown in the first result. Here, select the “PLAY NOW” option and you will be taken to the registration page. Fill out an application for basic informational games from you, just show a little patience when choosing a username, since most likely your first selections have already been made, and indicate your email address. After a few seconds, your LOL account will be set up and redirected to the download page, which will allow you to download the game to your computer. League of Legends is a free game, so you don’t have to pay anything to start using it right away.


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