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Modern War Fare Hacks – Guidelines for Cheating the Game


Cheat codes can be enables by pressing some specific keys on the keyboard which enables the console window to open then cheatcodes can be entered in the console for activating the cheat function. 

Completion bonuses:

The game should be successfully competed to unlock the cheat menu and arcade mode. The cheat menu can be seen while playing the game. 

Cheat options:

The procedure for cheating the game is by editing the game file and create a backup of the file before proceeding, text editor should be used. 

Mile High Club mission:

Mile high club mission can be completed by complete the story mode with all difficulties and take entire credits to unlock it 

Prestige mode:

This is a multiplayer mode which unlocks at level 55 this can be repeated ten times or more. 

All intel locations:

Collect all the intel computers to unlock several cheat codes (such as infinite ammo) all the intel can be recovered, any time the user can get through the mission, each mission shows the status of the collected intel’s, moreover the pending intel can be seen by pausing the game. Once picked up the intel are saved and also the user can quit the game aftercollection. 

Easy Experience:

Try using the same gun until all the marksmenand elite challenge are completed. this provides huge boost and will quickly level the player up to get new guns. The experience points will increase the rank by itself in the third phase of the challenge additionally take challenges like jumping 15feet and surviving or falling 30 feet to die.Learn more about Modern Warfare Hacks. 

Better Accuracy:

The red dot scope adds on the weapons in the game when you aim a point the red for enhances or take away anything and provides better aim during the game play. The ACOG scope give more range in the weapon but takes away the accuracy.

Better Sniping:

Take a lead if target is moving continue leading if you’re not making shots a skilled sniper can be used as it have slower reloaded time and rate of fire which causes enough damage to the enemy in one shot. This sniper can reduce the number of shots and go less noticeable.

Dog attack:

In some missions the user will come across wild dogs eating the soldier’sremains, the user will be guided to leave it alone but to face a better challenge take a shoot and you will be attacked with more pack of angry dogs.


All the cheats in the game helps for better and enjoyable experience and the hacks should be used unnoticeable for a better play.

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