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Choose The Best Apex Legends Character


Apex Legends game is released so that it can give strong competition to the PUBG and Fortnite. And luckily, the game is doing what it is meant to be. More than 25 million users have already become a part of the community. So, if you also want to download apex legends free pc version or Xbox One or PlayStation 4, then you can download the game from Install Games website. The website is a hub for various battle royale and another type of games too. People are going crazy about winning the battle royale as much as possible. And that’s why; people are searching for various cheats and hacks that can help the players to win the battle royale.

To win the royale matches, you need to choose the character accordingly. There is a total of eight legends available in the game. In the beginning, the player can only access 6 legends and the rest two legends are unlocked when you level up and move forward in the game. The eight legends are:

  • Bangalore

This character represents the soldier role in the game. The character is a master of various kinds of weapons and is very efficient in quick killings. The character can move really fast and that’s why it is suitable for a player who likes to run, shoot and play aggressively.

Best Apex Legends Character

  • Bloodhound

The Bloodhound character is more like a scout class. The character can see through walls and keep a track of the approaching enemies for himself and his allies too. This charter is most suitable for the player who wants to play cool and stay under control all the time. In addition, the shooting skills of the character are also remarkable.

  • Caustic

This character is an expert in poisons and portions. It can use smoke traps to capture the enemies and give them a slow death.

  • Gibraltar

This character is a classic tank machine. It acts as a rock against his enemies and a strong shield for its allies. The character has a main purpose of defense and it is very good in protecting the team.

  • Lifeline

This character is a doctor of Apex Legends. It can heal the team directly on the battlefield and generate powerful items for them.

  • Mirage

This is a character which masters in the art of trapping the enemies. This is a self-absorbed and skilled character and can easily trap the enemies with its tricks.

  • Pathfinder

As the name already describes, Pathfinder is a cute explorer robot which can easily destroy the circles. With its amazing grappling ability, it often comes in handy.

  • Wraith

Everyone can judge the abilities with the name. It is the most agile and fastest character in the legends. The character has the main role in the offense to destroy the enemies surprisingly.

You might have gotten a brief idea of how interesting the game really is. So, don’t wait and Download Apex Legends Free on your PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation and enjoy the adventurous journey.

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