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A brilliant way to de-stress


We’re in a hurry somewhere in today’s world. The order is chasing the order, and the project is chasing the project. This makes stress common. How to discharge it? They are different just as people are different. Personally, I recommend running a computer or console and playing. The game allows you to cut off from current problems and sometimes unload, e.g., by shooting the Nazis in one of the FPS ( first-person shooter ) games embedded in climates of World War II or the nose bleeding your opponent in any fighting game (Personally,

Games are a way to raise morale

This point applies to all types of overwatch boost games. In single-player games, there are levels/missions/challenges with higher levels of difficulty. When we manage to finish them, we feel better – our self-esteem increases. In multiplayer games, however, our opponents are other players – which creates a competitive effect. And if the game contains a ranking, we have a tangible opportunity to show others that we are better. I admit here that a series of defeats in the game can work the other way around, but if we have a healthy approach to the topic of games, it usually results in an increased desire to improve the situation.

Games can teach 

The third reason is that games train our brains. In particular, games in the genre RTS or Real-Time Strategy work well, or if you prefer real-time strategies. Most often, we deal here with the classic scenario. We start with a territory/base, and we must lead to defeating other players / AI. Of course, we must ensure the development of our empire. What do such games teach us? Decision making and management. We must ensure that our country develops both militarily and economically and, above all, gather resources for the further fight. When making a decision, we have an impact on how the campaign will roll out. We must, therefore, bear in mind the fact that even the AI ​​can break the alliance’s arrangements or attack our territory during our skirmish with another faction, and the lack of resources will cause a revolt on our territory. And if there is a skirmish, I also propose to play it. It can exhaust a man mentally but teaches, without real consequences of decision making and the risk associated with it. In addition, games with the Co-Op system, i.e., the ability to cooperate, also teach it, because it is usually impossible to go to this mode alone. This requires characters from different classes – which in turn conveys the idea that diversity is potential and that everyone has their own tasks to do – which can also translate into work.

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