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The Love For Cheesecake: Reasons Behind Its Fame


People love all kinds of desserts for different reasons. Cheesecakes are one of the most famous all over the world. Some people get bored with the classic cheesecake they eat in restaurants and hotels. That is why a unique twist to this traditional New York-style cheesecake has become a hot trend. The burnt cheesecake is burnt, cracked, and cooked at high heat. It is effortless to make and difficult to mess up. Burnt cheesecakes are also well-loved like its original version. Let us take a look at some reasons why it is trendy worldwide.

Say cheese!

The mere existence and taste of a good cheesecake are enough for anyone to love it. A smile will form on your face as you enjoy this cake with the right amount of sweetness. Eating even a slice of this cake will make you want to say cheese! That makes it a perfect photography opportunity.

As rich as its history

The history of cheesecake is so beautiful and precious, but only a few are aware of that. The love for cheesecakes goes way way back before. The Romans encountered the cheesecake during their quest to conquer Greece. We all know that the Greeks loved cheese. Cheese is a good source of energy, and they serve it to their athletes during the Olympic games. The original recipe is unlike that of today. They used pounded cheese, wheat flour, and honey. They heat those up and then left to cool it down. The Romans experimented and added eggs then baked it under rocks. They served them warm, and people loved that. The Americans were the ones responsible for adding the indulgent ingredient, cream cheese.

burnt cheesecake

A special day

This very delicious dessert even has a day for itself. The United States celebrates the National Cheesecake Day every year on July 30. People all over the world gather and exhibit different versions of cheesecakes. These are all available for tasting. People take this opportunity for a chance to meet their fellow cheesecake lovers.

Easy to make

Cheesecake is very easy to make, not only for bakers. The ingredients are not even fancy at all. These include cookie crumbs, cheese cream, eggs, butter, and other common baking ingredients. There are markets and groceries near you that sell all those. The recipe is also flexible, and you can make several tweaks to make it your own. You can adjust the sweetness or the creaminess to fit your preference. You can add all the extra cream cheese that you want.

People also use cheesecakes to express their artistic side. You can use any toppings and decorate the cheesecake in any way you want it. Some use fruits as toppings while some put tiny colorful marshmallows. You can arrange the toppings in any way, and you can even spell your name with them!

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