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The facts behind the delicacy of wagyu meat


One of the meats that are quite popular for making steaks is wagyu beef.  In addition to its delicious taste, this beef has various interesting facts. The name ‘wagyu’ is certainly no stranger to steak fans. This meat is predicted to have the best quality to make a delicious steak.  Apart from its delicious taste, wagyu sg meat is also popular for its best texture.

This meat is indeed processed with quality treatment methods, and experienced cattle make special quality meat.  So the cattle that are farmed will be treated specifically so that the Wagyu meat has a very good quality, at a high price, and this type of Wagyu meat is indeed rich in unsaturated fats.  So that when the wagyu is roasted it will create a soft texture, and the fat present in this wagyu adds to the perfection of the wagyu meat.  So don’t be surprised if this wagyu meat has an expensive price, and has a colour that tends to be whiter than beef in general

Have high nutrition

 In addition to taste, wagyu is widely chosen because it has a high nutritional content.  Wagyu beef has more omega-3 and 6 fatty acids than any other part of beef.  The unsaturated fatty acids in wagyu have good benefits for controlling blood pressure.  In addition, the fatty acids in wagyu can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and aid the digestion of triglycerides, and control cholesterol.  Wagyu meat also contains protein that is useful for maintaining muscles, increasing oxygen intake, and increasing the body’s metabolism.

If you cut it, you can see that the fat spreads almost over the entire surface of the meat so that it resembles a marble.  Its melting point is lower than the human body temperature.  Because it is simply pan-seared and it melts in the mouth.  Very soft and very soft. It gives you a tantalizing dining experience. It has a marbled texture and is quite high in fat.  This makes the meat tender, savoury, and melts in the mouth.  The fine streaks of white fat in the meat give it a distinctly sweet taste.  Compared to other types of beef, wagyu is also more tender. Because it has special care and delicious taste, it’s no wonder that wagyu is sold at a fairly high price.  One kilogram of wagyu beef is priced at 4 times the price of regular beef.

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