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Give Your Taste Buds A Taste of Heaven


Do you love food? Of course, you do, who doesn’t love food. Food is comforting and makes us feel warm and happy, at least that how I feel about food. Food is a big thing for me and my family, all of us have the passion to cook, we do it on a daily basis it feels like it brings us closer together, and it does. Cooking is what I would say is a family hobby, and for many families it is, and our favourites are the Asian flavours, Thai, Indian, you name it we love it. But there are times where we are just too lazy and want to go eat food that’s already been made. So, eating out is also a big deal for us, obviously it has to have great food, and one of them is the repulse bay restaurant Sip Song. More details can be seen on their website https://sip-song.com/.

What is sip song?

If you love Thai food, then this is your place. This an eatery and bar by the Repulse Bay Beach. They specialize in Thai cuisine, one of the factors that differentiates them from other Thai restaurants are that they sue 12 key ingredients that is used in Thai cooking in all of their recipes. Plus, they make sure they balance the four key flavours which are sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. So all of their dishes have the perfect combination of flavours, they make sure that they all of the spices, and techniques are used in their cooking to make it more authentic, while remaining modern, and having hints of more modified cooking skills added into their dishes. So they try to make sure that it is well combined and that each ingredient goes together.

repulse bay restaurant

What do they offer?

            They have got plenty to offer from fresh to fried, soups to curries, and more. All the food is native to Thailand and have the original names of the dishes. Some of them are the Tangmo Pla Hang which is a fresh dish, it has watermelon, dried fish powder, kaffir lime leaves, and shallots. It is $45 which isn’t too bad. A soup that they offer is Salmon Hor Bai Tong, which is a soup containing salmon, red curry paste, coconut milk, and kaffir lime leaves, it is $165, which is actually pretty pricy for soup, but I bet you the taste will cover up for the price. One of their popular dishes is the Phad Kee Mao Gai, it is a spicy noodle that has got chicken, kaffir lime leaves, green peppercorns, and baby corn all for the price of $135. Not only that they even provide a variety of drinks as well from cocktails to sodas, and Thai tea and coffee.

Want to make a reservation?

            Well it’s pretty simple you just have to go on their website https://sip-song.com/ and click on the reservation button, and mail them your reservation, so make sure that you include all the details that you want, and send it. Soon you’ll be having a delicious meal at the repulse bay restaurant. You’re going to love it.

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