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Fresh Seafood and Available Fish Delivery Services in Singapore


            A lot of people are seafood lovers, they would know how satisfying it is to eat some uber fresh seafood. Yet, with this ongoing pandemic, it becomes quite harder to get themselves some fresh seafood. Shopping can take some time out of any busy adult’s schedule. The great thing is that some establishments offer fresh fish delivery singapore. They specialize in providing and delivering fresh fish and seafood to your doorstep.

Almost everything can now be done online, even buying essential things. You will no longer have to go outside just to get something to prepare on your table. You can just order online instead and choose the food you like.

Fresh seafood delivery services in Singapore: 

  • Ah Hua Kelong
  • Ah Hua Kelong used to only produce seafood restaurants in Singapore. Yet, they’ve now branched out to selling seafood consumers also. This means you’ll be provided with high-quality catches that will aid your seafood dishes a lot. Ah Hua Kelong continues to sell seafood in their Kelongs and farm their fish. Some of the products that you can have to include Pearl Grouper, XL Blood Cockles, and Golden Pomfret.
  • Apollo Marine Seafood
  • Apollo Marine possessed the knowledge of all things under the sea. Also, being the first and only land-based vertical fish farm in Singapore. With an electronic aquaculture farming system. They also use innovative technologies. That makes sure they create nearly zero waste discharge. And also slightest water exchanges. Meaning that this form of farming is favorable to the environment. Apollo Marine got you covered if you’re searching to buy premium seafood online.
  • Dish the Fish
  • People at Dish the Fish call themselves the New Age Fishmongers. They are very crucial with the quality of seafood and fish they offer. This means they only perform with suppliers that they trust. And they only sell products with assurance to their customers. That they will receive the best. You can check on their website and buy fresh seafood. This includes Black Cod Fillet, Mackerel, and Wild Threadfin. They can also go the extra mile by providing child-cut choices for several dishes. So that parents don’t need to worry about slicing and debone the fish they will offer to their children.
  • Evergreen Seafood
  • For more than 20 years, Evergreen Seafood has been providing the freshest seafood. To various hotels, restaurants, and homes. To make sure that your seafood is on top of the quality. They believe in the stability of seafood. So they focus on sourcing their offer from seafood organizations. With farming practices and responsible fishing.
  • Greenwood Fish Market
  • This is a seafood market cum restaurant that helps to give its customers. With great quality seafood at value-for-money prices. They are passionate about traveling and fishing to source the latest seafood. That can seldom be found on the market. The folks at Greenwood Fish Market know-how to ensure to excel from the competition. Besides fresh wholesale seafood, they also have available platters to sell. And takeaway items for those of you who are a little bit lazy. They recommend the Hot Seafood Platter. That is great as a centerpiece for any dining occasion.
  • Fish2go
  • Begins with a very limited variety of seafood. Yet, they have improved to become the successful establishment that they are today. While they are famous for their Cod Fish, Salmon Trout, and Prawns. They also have Bundle Deals that value the money of customers.
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