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How To Cut Your Losses and Let Your Profits in Trading Run On


“Cut your losses short but let your profit run on” – this is probably the most honored and popular trading quote among traders from different markets. This quote puts emphasis on getting out of losing trades as quickly as possible and staying on the winning trades to let their profits run on for a long period of time.

Cut your losses by managing the risk wisely

Managing your risk in trading helps you cut the losses. When trading CFDs, there are a lot of opportunities to earn. But this can be easily countered with the risk associated every time you open a trade. In fact, you can easily wipe out your trading funds if you do not have the proper discipline to take the supposed small loss that you have.

One of the most important risk management strategies that you can have is to keep your losses small as much as possible. Most of the successful traders that we have today use this strategy strictly when managing their trading activities.

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Trading risks are mostly handled and managed through the help of stop-loss orders. Using it right after you take a trading position is very important. By doing so, the trader is controlling the degree of risks that they have the very time they open a trading position.

Allowing the profits to accumulate over time

As you learn to manage your risks, you are starting to become a candidate for a successful trader. However, if you don’t allow the winning trades to run their full course, then you won’t get the chance to earn the huge profits that every trader desires to have when trading in the market. You can realize your dreams of becoming a successful trader by using the strategies that all those successful traders are using. Protect your profits through the use of trailing orders and stop-loss orders as they will automatically get you out of the trading cycle when the market reverses.

Always maintain discipline whether you’re winning or losing

Trading doesn’t only require you to have a trading plan and strategy at hand to succeed. You also have to maintain discipline not just when you are winning but also when the tide goes against you. It is very important to manage your emotions when trading. Through the trading process, you will feel so many emotions. Sometimes you feel so happy for successfully finishing profitable trades while there are trying times when you get frustrated for losing a trade. Unnecessary emotions in the market are just a recipe for failure. As much as you can, remove these emotions or make use of automated trading and Forex robots.

You may not notice it readily but handling your emotions actually helps you save money as well as frustrations. Understanding the process of winning in the market and trading CFDs will keep your emotions at bay. After all, trading is like handling a business. If you wish to prosper, you need to dedicate a lot of your time to knowing the entire process and understanding that there isn’t an easy route to success.

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