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Forecasting Tools That Are Best in CFD Trading


Traders and investors use forecasting tools to determine the increase or the decrease of the market value of a company share. It also provides a significant benchmark for financial firms that are needed for a long-time standpoint in operations. Fortunately, there are a huge number of forecasting tools that you can use in CFDs.

Different Kinds of Forecasting Tools

Stock analysts mostly use these forecasting tools to determine the change of trends in the next quarter or a year. The further the forecasted result, the higher the chances you can get and the more accurate the results. Furthermore, statisticians find forecasting a very effective means of analyzing the overall impact of the market changes in the specific business operation.

Trend Movements

This method is simple. It forecasts by watching the trend movement based on different time frames. When the forecasting tool analyzes the trend movement under a large timeframe, it is the time that the trader gets to know the price direction or the trend under small time intervals. After that, the trader can enter a trade when the trend completely finishes a rollback under a small time frame, then it starts to move into the price direction of large timeframes.

Most traders using this tactic use the popular “3 screens” trading strategy wherein three charts are being used instead of two. During an uptrend, a trade can be opened when the point of minimum is reached. While in the downtrend, a trade is opened during the point of maximum. This implies that the risk in every transaction is minimized.

Price Channels

Another way of determining the best point of entry is working on the start of the directional price movement. Price channels are the two parallel lines that you see in a chart which are formed by the interplay of the supply and demand of the asset that you are trading.

When determining the location of the entry points, they should be near the resistance and support lines. The buy option must be made near the support line during the uptrend while the sell option should be made near the resistance line during the downtrend.

Forex News Indicators

The last forecasting tool to be used is CFDs is the Forex news indicator. This forecasting tool is used for fundamental analysis of important news, political events, and economic events to be able to determine the right entry points. Usually, price fluctuations happen after the release of important news and events relevant to the financial world. Once you see that the price of the asset is reacting actively to the latest news and events, then it would be the perfect time to open a trade.

The only downside of this method is that the price of the asset you are trading will not always create a response to the economic news, thus, reducing the effectiveness of this trading strategy. But there are also traders who find the solution to this problem by making a forecast on their own, which in turn improves the results.

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