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The advantages of online tuitions


Advantage 1: Better knowledge retention

the purpose of each course is that the information given remains. According to an online courses are a great way to add that purpose. Research indicates that no line learning improves the effectiveness of knowledge by making it easy to access a huge amount of information. Read more about the effectiveness of online learning in our article “ Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning psle science tuition online.

online courses can be tailor-made

online courses make knowledge retention easier because you can tailor them and take into account students’ individual differences. Some employees, for example, may prefer to focus on certain parts of the course, while others prefer to review the entire course. But how do you know the individual needs? Asking, of course. You can also set up a simple course to test results and identify knowledge gaps. Based on this information, you can set up several individual tailor-made courses, which lead to better training of staff who can excel in their work.

Higher revenue per employee

Research shows that a comprehensive training program leads to increased revenues of 218% per employee. To stay up to date with best practices and developments in their industry, on average, employees need to spend around 1% of their weekly time on training. This corresponds to 4.8 minutes of training per day. Not much, right? Getting regular face-to-face training into this time frame is somewhat impossible. It allows for something called micro learning. Hence, an employee can start and complete a course in five to ten minutes.

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Advantage 3: Choice of where and when

Your employees can take a course at their own pace, in their place and when they want. It does not force your employees to adapt to a poor schedule. They have the power to adapt their curriculum to their situation. For example, early risers can start their course at dawn, while night owls can take advantage of their last hour of work by starting a course. Positive side effect: You will be less distracted by your classmates (but perhaps more by your family or friends  look at the disadvantages).

If you have an international organization, the flexibility argument is a big plus. Reduces travel time (and expense) for employees. Online courses cut the extra costs away.

Advantage 4: Reduces costs

Imagine you want to conduct GDPR activity to an association of 100 workers. By providing an online class rather of a live course you can save on the following costs: Look for an external instructor for several days. You can’t train all employees at the same time.

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