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Learning which is Play Based


Game-based training is a great educational tool. Children learn to build their world through the game. The game is one of the greatest hobbies and interests of children. The game gives children the opportunity to be creative in equipment and game materials in an outdoor playground. Play based learning stated that the free expression of play based kindergarten hong kong enables children to be socially competent and creative in their imaginary play world. Game-based learning is linked to various social discourses and practices about their social and cultural traditions.

Through game-based learning, children build many identities to use the language

 Using a creative game, children use the language to negotiate, capture speech and communicate with other children, and also share their diverse experiences during the game. Players discussed the importance of complex negotiations that show the connection between speech, speakers and other social factors related to identity at stake. Outdoor play not only contributes to a flexible gaming landscape, but also provides children with many opportunities for developing negotiation skills.

Children’s perception of outdoor games

Children prefer to play outdoors. However, these places are usually supervised by adults, which make the idea of ​​playing outdoors boring. The concept of pre-installed playgrounds is boring and unattractive to children, especially when they begin to study the context of the environment. Areas of learning based on outdoor games allow children to learn in a natural environment with the possibility of adventure. The fields of learning based on outdoor games are unstructured spaces that foster innovation, creativity and imagination. This is a place run by children and with minimal adult supervision.

Learning which is Play Based


A natural outdoor game is achieved with The Venture. Venture has been nominated as one of the best adventure english playgroup hong kong, and there are similar projects across the country. Playgrounds have been successful for learning through games between disadvantaged areas and give a sense of belonging. Children who grow up in a stressful environment are prone to developing destructive behavior. Playgrounds encourage children to develop positive behavior and reduce the risk of destruction of their surroundings.

A favorable attitude to creative outdoor play areas supports desired behaviors such as social skills and cognitive thinking. Natural landscapes are one of the favorite places for children. Therefore, it is important to protect outdoor playgrounds from degradation and to promote safe places conducive to the development of children. Game-based learning is a way for children to have fun while they study.

In summary

If you use these ideas in your preschool art projects, you will also understand the importance of game-based preschool activities. Your children will learn, learn and learn all the time they spend together. They will remember what they did and what they made possible. Game-based learning is much more effective than worksheets or simple classroom instructions. Learn in practice. This is my motto for preschoolers.

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