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In which areas CPR technique can be used?


Cardiopulmonary resuscitationis a life saving technique that is performed by compressing chest and heart of a person whose heart has stopped to pump the blood. Therefore this technique is used to make the artificial mechanism of pumping blood from heart to all parts of body and also to circulate the oxygen to the brain of affected person.

There are various places where one can learn this life saving technique and nowadays one can even know how to perform this technique online and all you want to choose is a good website AED certification online that is certified so that it will offer the best results to you as well as the sufferer. When you have joined and certified with the program, you will be able to save the lives of many who are undergoing such a condition.

It is not that only a medical professional should undergo this type of training course but that are other careers that need this CPR training and some of the professionals are as follows:

  • Fireman – As firefighters, it is necessary for them to learn this technique as they will need to implement this procedure more often to their co-workers and also to the people who have been suffered from the fire accident. Having a CPR certificate with you before joining the practice can be more useful for you.
  • Athletic TrainersSince this cardiac arrest does not depend on the age of people, it is necessary to learn this technique as a coach so that they can save the lives of young people when they suffer from cardiac arrest while practicing in ground
  • Electrician – When one has chosen electrician as his career, he should be a little more careful than any other profession as they are more prone to electric shock and therefore it is considered as the most dangerous profession and so when anyone is in hazardous situation, this life saving technique can save him from losing his live.
  • Baby sitter – The duty or responsibility of a baby sitter is to look after a child or infant and therefore it is advisable for them to undergo such a training and so they can do a first aid when they the baby is suffering from an emergency situation.
  • Life guard – They are the people to save the lives of many who will be getting drowned into water and when they know to perform this technique , they will be able to treat emergencies both in and out water and therefore it is good to learn both children as well as adult CPR technique.

No matter whatever your career is, it is good to learn this technique to save people who are dying near you.

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