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Where would your business be without the use of security labels?


Generally, a sticker label referred to as a “security label” is intended to increase the level of security of the item to which it is attached.

Preventative measures are preferable to curative measures. The first step in protecting a specific product or brand is to apply a security label. An item’s label may be used as a visual deterrent, a tool for tracking and tracing the whereabouts of an object and preventing counterfeiting, or a visible confirmation that the label (and hence the thing) has been tampered with.

When it comes to security labels, how does it all work? (Non-Electronic)

On-demand security labels are convenient for businesses but also allow for self-service verification through mobile phones. As a result, clients can now more easily verify the legitimacy of a product.

security label

There is no need for specialized equipment to identify security labels when utilizing a mobile phone with a scanner feature. Data archiving and self-scanning for consumers will both be handled by EAN LABEL, thanks to the company’s backend infrastructure. As a result, the organization can save money and time by using a pre-built backend system instead of constructing one from scratch.

What is the Use of this Label?

Method for preventing items from being counterfeited or cloned by other parties.

  • High-level security without the need for a second check
  • Customers like the simplicity of receiving verification findings right away.
  • Achieve and maintain a level of trust between a brand and its consumers that encourages repeat purchases.
  • Marketing Objectives: raffle, data collecting during an event, and a promotional campaign The most efficient way to get information.
  • Over-redeeming the big prize, for example, may be dangerous.
  • Create recurring purchases from the e-commerce website using remarketing
  • Existing customers must be verified for special offers, such as a 50% discount, only available to them.

Is there a security label with features?

A greater level of danger necessitates the use of additional security label elements. Anti-Clone Security Labels & Stickers may be tailored to meet your specific security needs by combining a couple of the characteristics below. These features add convenience and, most crucially, security to the security labels for all company owners.


Self-verification of authentication is one of the many new features QR Codes bring to customer interactions. The consumer must scan a unique security pin to get each rapid response code. Customers will appreciate the ease of scanning a QR Code with their smartphones since it will direct them to a secure website. Random Security Pin for self-checking online to verify the authenticity of the PIN printed. Random security codes will be used to print each unique label, making each one one-of-a-kind. Customers may self-verify the security pin code on the label by scanning the QR Code. Once the specified site is unlocked, users will have full Internet access again.

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