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Tips on Buying a Ventilation Fan, Singapore


If you have lived in a cramped space, you must have witnessed the presence of a ventilation fan or system in place. These are common sights that one can observe across residential and commercial sites and form a part of essential fixtures on these buildings. These fans come in a variety of sizes, with some being a few inches in diameters like the ones used in washrooms while larger ones used for industrial-grade purposes can span much greater areas. Without ventilation fans in place, indoor rooms would likely end up smelling musty.

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Reasons as to why ventilation fans are important for your home:

  • Ventilation helps to reduce the rate of condensation. Condensation becomes a problem when in humid areas you find water droplets clinging onto the surface of cooled glass or metal. This water can drip about and damage the nearby furnishings.
  • These can also reduce the concentration of radon gas in the air. Radon gas is found in most soils that contain certain heavy earth elements in them. Unknowingly, these soils are often used as additives for potted plants and can lead to the formation of this gas inside the home.
  • VOC emissions can also be removed to a large extent from your home. These VOC components can be found across most of the artificial home décor and furnishings that you may have and they stay suspended in the air as free radicals. These can create breathing troubles and other issues in the residents.
  • Allergens are also a major issue when they make their way inside. To avoid dust, pollen, and other tiny components from entering your home, a good ventilation fan may come in handy. These effectively filter out the large particles and remove them ensuring a comfortable environment.
  • These also reduce the possibility of damage that can happen due to back drafting. This occurs when the external pressure is higher compared to the internal pressure of the home. This serves as a trap for potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to make their way inside the home.

If you plan on purchasing a ventilation fan singapore ensures that you have a good idea of what you might be requiring and the internal dimensions of your home. A lot of models varying in shapes and sizes are available on the market and the best place to purchase these would be from a home improvement or hardware store.

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