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Luxury Vehicle Driven by Chauffeur


A large luxury vehicle with a partition in between the drivers a compartment and the passenger compartment which is driven by chauffeur is called as a Limousine. The limousine service Singapore is a service in which  the vehicle is long enough and have any multiple doors long enough to accommodate multiple people for transportation at time from one place to another sometimes it is like a huge car long enough to fit  more number of people . This can be prebooked or hired as car with driver. They can be booked near airport shuttle services till the hotel or a residential place or stay of an individual.

Character tics of the Luxury vehicle:

The vehicle style usually has a partition which divides the driver from the passenger and making to be a two separate compartments. This partition is included with a glass which is openable as the passenger can have a view of the road and where the driver his heading.In this car the communication with the driver is done by opening the glass window in the partition or by a special intercom in the car.

This car normal have long wheel base vehicles, which can give longer leg space to the passenger’s compartments. Some special cars will have occasional seats at the front of the compartment which is either forward facing or rear facing or facing the either direction.

Types of Limousines:

There are different types of limousine service Singapore depends on the usage and personality which is using it.

Stretch Limousines:

This kind of limousines are larger than the normal once as they are made to accommodates greater number of passengers this type of cars have the seating on the along sides of the cabin and they are designed in such a way more leg space is available in the car. In this car approximately twelve passengers can be moved from any places either from hotels or used as taxis or any kind of corporations and touring companies.

Novelty limousines:

This kind of limousines are used for marriage occasions parties and large social occasions they are variety of vehicles which are converted to novelty limousines. The characteristics of this vehicles are they are colored in different colors to look attractive and give good appearance with bright colors sometimes such as purple,violet, pink and thick colors for an attractive appearance.This car can accommodate up to ten members on any kind of special occasions.These cars are mostly preferred by celebrities for the entertainment function etc.

Summing Up:

The are long cars which are used for multipurpose usage.This car can be used for pick and drop from hotel stays, homes and other important functions.They have a feature of accommodating ten to twelve people at time and these cars have good amount of leg space for all them as this car long stretched cars.

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