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How to keep the house clean and safe


No one can walk around the house with a broom in the morning and evening. Many people have hobbies about maintaining houses. But how many people in this busy life can manage every corner of the house from the floor? Another factor is the floor of the house. Suppose your house is tidy but there is dust on the floor tiles or marble grooves. It is not visually pleasing at all! In addition, the decoration of the decorated house also becomes earthy. And not all home flooring is the same. Sometimes or again the flooring of different rooms of the same house is different. However, even if you can’t clean them every day, it is recommended to clean them occasionally. But do you know that you can clean the floor with the help of workers available in house cleaning singapore, workers over here provide many services according to your wish. Even you can give instructions to them to get the best results.

First of all, many people wipe the floor with soapy water. It gets stained with water. When it dries, it looks bad. In this case mix white vinegar, ammonia and borax powder with warm water. After wiping the tiles in this water, wipe once again in clean water. You will see the lost radiance forced to return!

Occasionally there are black spots in the gaps between the tiles. In this case, put the liquid soap in water and brush it lightly. You see, there is no more dirt. Also, you can use a brush if there is dirt around the furniture and in the corners.

In many cases, if the rubber sole under the furniture stays on the floor for a long time, it will get dark spots. If you want to remove that stain, use steel wool. Dilute liquid soap or shampoo in warm water and rub with steel wool.

Don’t forget to use fluids in laminate flooring. If so, the floor lamination is likely to be damaged. In this case, use dry mopping and vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.

Many people like wooden floors. So many people decorate the floor of the drawing-room with wooden tiles. And these special types of tiles are occasionally seen scratched. That’s pretty eye-catching. In place of this stain, rub the floor-coloured crayon quite a bit. Now blow on that part with a blow dryer. Finally, wipe the stain with a soft cloth. Busy, the stain disappears!

To clean a wooden floor, soak two tea bags in lukewarm water. Gently wipe the wooden floor with a cotton cloth. The tannic acid in the tea will restore the lost lustre of the floor.

Following these instructions regularly and whenever needed will give the best results and even the home looks brighter and beautiful and germ-free too.

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