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How Job Redesign Can Help Your Company?


The world itself is a constantly changing entity. Changes and evolutions are inevitable with everything in this world. Likewise, every organization or company is experiencing changes that threaten as well as encourage a business to adapt to those changes. In the last couple of years, with the advancement of technology, change has struck hard the companies making it essential for them to adapt to these technologies to allow themselves to change with time. Not only with technology, but the companies are also opting for job redesign singapore as well.

So, what exactly is a job redesign? How can it help your company? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a job redesign?

Job redesigning or designing is the process where the employer analyses the skills and strengths of his employee and further establishes the employee’s role and responsibilities as well as the system and procedures the employee needs to follow. The objective of job redesigning is to coordinate and optimize work processes to generate more value and performance for the employees. Which eventually resulted in higher productivity.

Sometimes job redesign also involves the addition of new work to an employee in order to provide more variety and challenges to the employee. The process can also include the distribution of tasks of a certain project equally among the employees according to their capabilities by creating a balanced workspace to acquire optimum benefits.

What are the Advantages of Job Redesign?

  • Creates a compatible match between the task or position and the employee’s strength, skill, and experience.
  • Establishes smooth workflow in an organization.
  • Increases the productivity of the employees and improvises the workplace experience.
  • Creates a cooperative environment within the organization, enabling efficient workflow and higher outcomes.
  • Increases Employee Retention.

When should you consider optimizing your workplace?

Job redesign is a crucial component of optimizing your organization’s workforce. Especially if:

  • There has been a major change in the technology that is used by the organization.
  • Employees are being transferred from a certain department to another department which doesn’t match well with the skill of the transferred employees.
  • Employees are opting for additional work after the right-sizing of the organization or department.


Opting for job redesign singapore not only helps your organization or company to generate more income but also adds new skills to your employees enabling them to work in different fields. Further, it also enables you to retain as many employees as possible in your workplace and offer plenty of benefits to recruits. To compete with the next generation or in the market, job redesign is an excellent tool for organizations to opt for.

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