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From the collection of household waste to its treatment


In most developing countries, the collection is only very partial; it is specially reserved for the central or rich districts of the important agglomerations, as well as with the tourist zones. The rampant urbanization, linked in particular to the rural exodus, is reflected by the growth on the outskirts of the cities of areas of spontaneous housing, not officially recognized, or whose collective facilities are long overdue. For official, formal collection, the dump trucks used are most often imported; in some cases, these are donations made by municipalities in rich countries, which have reformed them in favor of the acquisition of new, more modern equipment. Even when equipment  junk removal melbourne fl  is assembled locally, it generally remains designed on the basis of imported models; therefore, they are not always adapted to local conditions: thus, due to the high humidity level of local garbage, their compaction leads to the flow of dirty and foul-smelling juices on the pavement.

The articulations between recovery and elimination

Each waste category has its own treatment process (as far as possible recovery), which requires sorting, according to various possible methods: sorting upstream or downstream, at various stages: pre-collection, collection, intermediate depot, various treatment plants, until discharge; manual or (more or less) mechanized or even automated sorting; sorting by the local authority junk removal melbourne fl itself, under direct management, or by a private enterprise to which it delegates powers.

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Street ragging

Street ragging is done by occasional pickers, often with a simple bag, or permanent pickers, sometimes with a cart, and many operate at night. The health arguments in favor of a ban have little weight for those who live in miserable conditions, on the verge of survival. In addition, there are security reasons against these collectors, especially those who wander at night. In some countries, they are frequently arrested by the police, who can confiscate their equipment and send it far away, especially outside the overcrowded Java Island, so that they can develop and cultivate fallow land; but many returns to town. Rather than chasing them, an alternative is to try to help them.

These rag pickers collected only modest quantities; their means of transport were very limited; they had no storage capacity; they sold the product of their daily collection, to the nearest intermediary, who bought it at a low price. A cooperative organization has enabled them to improve their condition greatly. Recovery is often presented as a pyramidal building, with successive groupings of batches of materials and a cascade of intermediaries: the marginal or basic collector. But the names vary according to the regions ), sells the product of its collection to a semi-wholesale intermediary which in turn resells to a wholesaler or a merchant, etc. The profits are mainly made downstream when one goes up in the pyramidal building.

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