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All You Need To Know About Pneumatic Conveying System Benefits


Pneumatic conveying systems are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a system that is affordable and can easily handle and move bulk granular and powdered products while guaranteeing that loss is kept to a minimum. For many process industries, such as chemicals, food and beverage, pet food, and detergents, among others, pneumatic conveyors are perfect. So you may buy it from pneumatic conveying system suppliers.

Pneumatic conveying, to put it simply, is a system type that moves dried raw material (particles & granular) from one processing facility to another by using pressure difference and airflow. The main idea of pneumatic conveying is to move large products by air via enclosed conveying tubes. Here, a compressor, fan, or root blower is typically used to provide the air movement.

Knowing the conveying system benefits

pneumatic conveying system suppliers

  • Safe: The primary benefit of a material handling system in terms of safety is that the entire material transfer procedure takes place inside an enclosed pipeline. It is therefore extremely safe to use. The system also has fewer parts, which reduces the risk to users and maintenance personnel.
  • Flexibility: Pneumatic conveyors are adaptable and simple to modify to fit any current machinery. They also don’t take up a lot of floor area, which saves room. Additionally, they enable you to arrange various pick-up and discharge sites, resulting in an effective system.
  • Ease of Routing: You can route the air conveyor system either horizontally or vertically. It has little trouble traveling large distances. You can also plan it to use your current equipment.
  • Less spillage: Better sanitization and less spill and dust leakage are ensured because the materials are moved thru an enclosed pipeline, which keeps them well-contained and reduces spillage and particle leakage when compared to a manual conveying system. Similarly, the enclosed pipeline lessens the possibility of contamination and guarantees that the factory is kept hygienic and clean.
  • Easy maintaining: Maintenance is simpler because material handling methods have fewer parts, as was already explained. Additionally, the separation, air turbine or pump, in-feed device, and tubing can all be serviced separately. As a result, there will be less downtime and the maintenance will be finished promptly.

The program can be specially made to work with your current hardware. You can have numerous infeed and destination points with this technique. Furthermore, it can manage greater transporting distances.

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